Democrats Continue to Find Ways to Blame Donald Trump

Evan El-Amin /

The Democrats are a group of messed-up individuals. When Donald Trump served as president, they tried rigorously to get him removed from the Oval Office. And with every attempt, they were met with a stern defense that ultimately proved him to be an honest man. Donald Trump kept the liberals off balance so much that he was able to make America great again.

One would think that once the former president left office, the liberals could get over the man. But they have continued to attack and blame him for things he has not been involved with for over a year.

The recent attack by Democrats involves them opening a new investigation into the former president’s acceptance and adherence to laws that govern money from international sources. The new attack has drawn attention from one Republican who is appalled by how the liberals keep trying to tear the man down.

James Comer serves the people of Kentucky. He is the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee. His reaction to a letter sent to Debra Wall, the acting archivist of the United States, from the committee chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, is priceless. Maloney tried to accuse the former president of failing to obey the law regarding money from international sources.

Newsbreak reported that “Maloney asked the archivist to provide documents detailing the information the Trump administration allegedly failed to disclose, including the location, value, and source of all foreign gifts received by the former president and the current whereabouts of any such gifts. Wall was also asked to release any communications between Trump, members of his family, or administration officials regarding foreign gifts.”

Comer was less than enthusiastic about the accusation. The investigation into Trump is just a distraction to keep attention off the mess that Joe Biden keeps creating.

Comer stated, “Committee Democrats appear to be doing everything they can to ignore the mounting crises created by President Biden and his disastrous policies. Their continued obsession with former President Trump is an attempt to distract from President Biden’s many failures. Americans are suffering from rising gas prices, historic inflation, and a border crisis raging out of control. Democrats should quit looking backwards and instead address all the problems facing Americans today.”

Maloney accused the former president of being influenced by foreign leaders as they gave their support. She forgets that her beloved president Joe Biden owes the Chinese millions of dollars in private loans. His debt should be seen as a concern because of the Chinese influence over his private life.

The president’s debt puts America at risk because he will do things that favor his situation. His past actions regarding his son prove that he is willing to sway international agencies and powers to do what serves his selfish interests.

Maloney’s letter tries to create a case that does not exist. The Democrats have been trying to frame the president for years and have yet to find anything of substance to pin on him. It drives them crazy to know that the former Republican president took care to obey all the laws while in office.

Trump’s accuser claims he accepted gifts he never reported to the State Department. Maloney claims that he accepted a golf bag, daggers, swords, and a gold-framed picture of himself. Maloney accuses Trump of taking these items and failing to report them. She bases the accusations on the State Department’s claim that they cannot verify that Trump did not receive any other gifts from foreign leaders.

The State Department admitted they failed to get a report from the former president. And now they want to try and blame Trump for their error. Trump cannot be held accountable years later over a mistake made by an agency known to favor liberalism.

The Democrats are grasping for anything they can bring up to pin on Donald Trump. His powerful influence in politics has them all running scared. Voters are listening to the advice of Donald Trump regarding who to vote for, and it is making a difference.