What is a Woman? The Film Everyone’s Talking About

yonikamoto / shutterstock.com

The left would love to define “woman” as simply something that people choose to be. It’s a mindset more than a description of a specific type of human being.

A conservative film has been released, which works to define the term that so many seem to be confused about.

“What is a Woman?” This film has been causing quite the upset, though it highlights a number of concerns at the same time.

The question is a simple one. And with half the country arguing about how to define it, most people should be able to answer the question. Podcaster Matt Walsh has been asking the question for a while.

Walsh, known to be outspoken and harsh on Twitter, has been “skewering liberals” over this question, as it was reported by DeseretNews.

With so many people being unable to answer the four-word question, he decided it was time to turn it into a film with the help of The Daily Wire. This, of course, is a conservative media company that was founded by Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing.

The film features Walsh traveling the globe to ask the question. He spoke to men in Africa, women in a variety of U.S. cities, and interviewed specialists, including Jordan Peterson, a gender-affirming marriage and family therapist.

Most would call the film a documentary, but Walsh also says that the serious question “brings down the house of cards” on gender ideology. As he explains, “Most of the people we talked to either didn’t want to talk about it, or they appeared to be confused about something as simple as what a woman is.”

Some say that a woman is simply someone who identifies as a woman – which can clearly go in an endless loop in an attempt to define. Dr. Marci Bowers, a surgeon and gynecologist, provides the lame explanation of a woman being “a combination of your physical attributes and what you’re showing to the world and the gender clues you give.”

It’s terrifying when you think about how people are incapable of answering the question in a way that focuses on biology.

It’s a question that is being asked in Congress, especially as there are more and more issues of transgender rights infringing upon women’s rights.

During the confirmation hearing of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, she was asked by Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn to define a woman. She couldn’t do so. Her response was that it was out of context and that “I’m not a biologist.”

Walsh has been called an extremist because of his views that are based on biology. A few years ago, a woman being a female with female parts was simply a biological fact. Now, the concept is being considered more fluid – and that’s a hard concept to accept.

Walsh also believes that liberals have dealt a hand that conservatives can actually win because of their inability to define what a woman is. “This is a fight we can actually win, When I say ‘we,’ I mean rational, sane people. … You don’t have to be a conservative to realize that men are men and women are women.”

For anyone who might be curious as to what the “right” answer is should Walsh ever approach you on the street, it is “an adult human female.” And that’s the same definition given by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary…at least for now.