Republican Asked About Gun Control and Hunter Biden Came Spilling Out

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The Democratic Party continues to push for gun control options. Their response to the recent shootings is reactionary at best. Their ideas seek to strip Americans of their right to own weapons. Their secret plan is to rid the people of the ability to defend themselves so a complete liberal takeover can occur.

The Democrats do not care about the families who have lost loved ones. They only care about seizing power and forcing people into a socialist-ruled reality.

The Republican Party is the only force in the way of the Democrats. Each time a liberal proposes an idea regarding gun control, their idea is met with a counter idea from the other side.

Both sides are locked in a continual discussion on how to proceed. The Democrats do not have enough votes to exclude conservative input, so they must work with everyone in Congress.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson has a lot to say about how things are proceeding. The liberals want to revamp the system and impose new laws on people. But Ron Johnson has made the point that the current laws are being ignored, and those laws should be enforced before trying something completely new.

CNN asked Johnson which laws he would support should a bill be created. The Republican Senator had a few choice words to say about the issue.

MSNBC reported that Johnson explained, “My main point on any kind of gun control is, let’s enforce the laws that we have. And let’s do it within a justice system that applies the laws equally. Maybe we should start with what Hunter Biden did in terms of his background checks.”

Hunter Biden broke the law with his attempt at buying a gun. Johnson pointed out that the younger Biden was never charged or tried for his crimes. The matter was just buried in time and left to rot.

The law applies to every person who calls America home. No one is above the law. But the Democrats think they can do whatever they want as long as they do not get caught. And even if they are caught, they believe they can lie their way out of trouble.

There is no need to pass new laws when the old ones work fine. Those laws need to be enforced. But the Democrats want people to believe that the old laws do not work so they can impose laws that bring them closer to a socialist environment.

Johnson is up for reelection, and he is a heavy favorite with many people. His down-to-earth approach is what people want to hear and see coming from their elected officials. The Democrats love reacting and acting like they know what they are doing. But recent events have only proved that they are ignorant of what the people want for the country.

Voters are tired of the lies and the foolish response from the Democrats. People want elected officials willing to serve the people instead of their selfish interests. Johnson points out that there is no need to make drastic changes to the law. All that needs to be done is enforce the existing laws.

The liberal media pushes the notion that mass shootings are a pandemic event. Each one is a tragedy, but it is far from where drastic changes are needed.

The liberals think that taking guns away from people is the right action to stop gun violence. But they miss the obvious problem that is being ignored. Those who are committing acts of violence have hearts that need help. And unless something is done to change what is being taught to young people, gun violence will continue to get worse.

Johnson has hit the nail on the head concerning existing laws. People get access to the very weapons they need to commit horrible crimes. Hunter Biden is a prime example of when laws are not enforced.