New York Wants Guns with Microstamping Technology ASAP

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The Democratic Party is salivating over the prospect of having new gun laws that they can use to snatch away the freedom of owning a gun. The recent mass shootings have given them another opportunity to push for the new laws. The Republicans are the only entity stopping them from terminating the Second Amendment. But that doesn’t stop them from over-regulating the process of owning a gun.

The liberals running New York State have copied a law developed in California that will give them the legal right to use a technology that will imbed a tiny code on every cartridge fired from a particular weapon. The tiny stamp would enable police to trace the shell back to the very gun that fired the bullet.

The concept of tracing a bullet back to the gun that fired it would help solve crimes. But California has had the law on the books for almost two decades, and not one gun has been sold in the state with stamping technology. The Democrats are simply looking for ways to make it appear that they care about people.

The liberals love to create new laws and ways of making people’s lives miserable. But they never enforce those laws. They make a big deal about change and, then, fail to incorporate the changes into everyday life. So, when a law is broken, there is no enforcement, and the person gets away with committing horrible acts of violence.

The technology to micro stamp a shell casing is expensive. Gun manufacturers in California pulled specific models from shelves because installing the technology would destroy any profit they would make from selling the gun. The liberals are now trying to pressure and bully gunmakers into adopting the technology.

David Pucino is with the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. He stated, “The New York legislature has set up a more robust system that will produce a set of conditions and evaluations that [don’t] rely on the gun industry to give them a thumbs up or thumbs down.”

The New York Democrats think they can learn from the failures of their comrades and make a failed idea work.

Fox News reported that the technology works “When the gun fires, that unique number or code is stamped on the shell casing. Law enforcement investigators could then pick up casings at crime scenes and turn to a database that could indicate which gun fired the round and where that weapon was last sold by a licensed firearms dealer.”

The concept behind the technology was to help law enforcement know which weapon fired the bullet in case the gun is never recovered. They would be able to track the micro stamp back through their computer system and find out who owned the gun.

One of the problems with using the technology is which organization would hold the rights to the database of the microstamping technology. It would be a list of every gun owner that would own such a weapon capable of stamping the casings.

Critics of the new law maintain that the technology would wear out over time. The idea of microstamping would be another failed attempt by the Democrats to force people to register their rights with the established government. The nasty liberals want to control people and know what every person is doing throughout their day.

The law met legal challenges in California and was finally approved by the courts. But the manufacturers took a different road and refused to sell any new models that would be required to implement the new technology. People buying new weapons are sold older models that are not required to have the new technology installed.

The idea of microstamping is something the liberals have not thought through. The cost is too high for it to make any sense. And gunmakers point out that criminals can take the technology off the gun, which would bypass the stamping. The concept is just another way that the liberals are trying to make it look like they care about people. But all they really want is to control everything…