Children Crammed Into Overcrowded Cinder Block Cells at the Southern Border Will Soon Have More Company

Grossinger /

With America’s economy crashing and burning at our feet it’s easy to lose focus on the multitude of other disasters created by the Biden administration. While everything they touch turns to poo, it’s what they aren’t touching that are even bigger problems. One of those things is the U.S./Mexico border.

The mess down Mexico’s way has not magically resolved itself. While we’ve been cursing at gas pumps and looking the other way, swarms of foot-powered immigrants are still crossing the Rio Grande, and lots more are about to be invited in.

In all fairness, sprinkled among the crooks, drug dealers, sex offenders, and deviants, in general, are parents seeking better lives for their children who accompanied them on the long and arduous journey from whence they came. 

The Zaragoza family packed what few belongings they could carry on their backs to escape the violence in Venezuela. They left their house and everything in it to be stolen and destroyed by thieves and vandals. They did it for their three children who deserved better.

The children were spurred on by the thought of having regular meals and not being constantly harassed by the police and street thugs. They were looking forward to safely being able to just do regular old kid stuff.

Their false illusions were shattered when the family reached its final destination in March. It was bad enough that they were soaked to the bone and covered with mud from crossing the river, and that they were shivering from the nighttime cold, but their welcome was not what they had anticipated, either.

The kids were taken from their parents and tossed into cinder block cells where they slept on cold cement floors, crammed like sardines with other filthy and frightened children, for nights on end. Glaring lights were kept on 24/7 as green-clad agents continually barked orders at them.

As if in a concentration camp, the children were forced to sign documents written in English that they couldn’t understand, and though they knew that many of the agents spoke Spanish, they refused to explain anything to them.

“Securing our borders does not require us to ignore the humanity of those who seek to cross them,” they’d heard Biden say. Expecting a warm welcome, the Zaragozas were blindsided when they, instead, encountered something far more horrific than the tales they’d heard about prior to Biden’s arrival. 

During his presidential campaign, Biden made the ridiculous claim that people were making too big of a deal over the southern border. Trump was only calling it a crisis to get his base riled up and the problem would fix itself once he was sent packing. Wrong.

The Biden administration is planning on lifting Title 42 which has held immigrants back for the past two years due to the pandemic. Agents needed no other reason to turn them away. When this happens, the thousands who are standing by will all coming rushing in at once, and chaos as never before experienced will erupt within only hours.

Yet, even knowing this is going to happen, the facilities have yet to be adapted for the enormous anticipated numbers, and the cold already overcrowded cinder block children’s facilities remain the same. Guess Biden didn’t think about that one. Oops…

Even Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the highest-ranking immigration official in the nation, recognizes the crisis lying in wait. 

“A Border Patrol facility is no place for a child,” he said. The only recourse the agents will have is to try and get kids in and out of the facilities as quickly as possible, which will leave some of them with nowhere to go. 

It’s difficult not to with so much going on, but keep the southern border in your peripheral vision if you can. You only think we had problems before.