Facebook Has Been Caught in an Unfair Targeting Practice…

tuthelens / shutterstock.com

Big Tech and the Democratic Party are in league with each other to create an atmosphere conducive and favorable to the liberal agenda. The betrayal each social media giant engaged in during the 2020 presidential election proved that they are more concerned about making money than the values they hold and allowing people to practice freedom of speech.

The problem arising from Big Tech’s engagement in illegal practice continues to plague them. Facebook is facing accusations of unfair business practices because its algorithms were designed to target specific people for particular needs while excluding others based on discriminatory principles. A massive lawsuit was filed against the company because they were leaving people out of its advertising sphere. The division of Facebook accused of discrimination is being told to change how their algorithms work.

Facebook was sued for violating the Fair Housing Act. The company deliberately left people out based on demographics that were unfavorable to making money. Facebook has agreed to put itself under the courts to ensure that future advertisements are fair.

Facebook was one of the giant social media platforms that censored people based on their political views. So, it is not surprising to find out they were doing the same thing based on a person’s profile. The Justice Department must approve and oversee the ad targeting and delivery system to ensure that the methods employed are fair to every viewer.

The court’s ruling is being viewed by many as what U.S. District Attorney Damian Williams calls “groundbreaking.” The ruling and court case is foundational to the way social media giants will be able to operate in the future.

Ashley Settle wrote an email, a person who speaks for Facebook, that tried to explain that they were “building a novel machine learning method without our ads system that will change the way housing ads are delivered to people residing in the U.S. across different demographic groups.”

Facebook’s goal was to try to send out ads based on employment and credit in America. But somewhere, their target audience was goofed and ended up engaging in unfair business methods. Whatever the company was trying to build failed miserably because they were sued and subjected to judiciary oversight until they fixed their issues.

Newsbreak reported that Williams mentioned that Facebook’s violation of the Fair Housing Act is no different than any other company engaging in unfair practices using other advertising avenues. Facebook could hide it a little better since it was a program written behind the scenes.

Newsbreak also reported that “According to terms of the settlement, Facebook will stop using an advertising tool for housing ads that the government said employed a discriminatory algorithm to locate users who ‘look like’ other users based on characteristics protected by the Fair Housing Act, the Justice Department said. By Dec. 31, Facebook must stop using the’ Lookalike Audience tool,’ which relies on an algorithm that the U.S. said discriminates based on race, sex, and other characteristics.”

The social media giant will be required to write an entirely new system to replace its illegal one. Facebook is also required to pay $115,000 in fines, which is chump change for a multi-billion dollar company.

Facebook is under significant scrutiny because of the way that its leaders think they can transact business. They have a target market in mind, but they must give every American the opportunity to participate in the offer should they apply.

The case proves that America is not a racist nation. To deny service to a person that does not fit a profile is illegal in America.

The Democrats should notice what is happening to their beloved social media platform. They have been discovered engaging in illegal practices and will pay the price for their choices. The same thing will happen to any person or entity that tries to rob Americans of the right to be free like everyone else.