Democrats Think They Can Lure Big Corporations Back Using This Tactic…

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The Democratic Party is greedy and deceptive. They claim that abortion is a right for all women. But they neglect to mention that by aborting a baby, a murder has occurred. And now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, the Democrats see an opportunity to exploit the issue to satisfy their greed.

Governor Gavin Newsom from California and Governor Phil Murphy from New Jersey both see the abortion issue as a means to attract large corporations back to their states. Many large corporations left the blue states because the governors would not allow people to work during the pandemic. But now, the Democrats want to use abortion to bring them home.

Newsom made his appeal by claiming, “We’ve got your back, but come back. Some of you may have left the state, come on back. Some businesses may have left, come on back. It’s a point of pride that we welcome you back; we want to celebrate that we have you back.”

His message leaves out that he was the reason they left in the first place. And offering a way for people to murder a baby will not be the selling ticket he was hoping for.

Murphy’s appeal was just as appalling as he would write to significant corporations trying to lure them back. The only reason the states want the corporations back is purely for financial reasons. The greedy liberals want the businesses to come back so they can collect more tax money to use for their progressive policies.

Murphy wrote, “The overturning of a woman’s right to bodily autonomy — and the chilling effect this decision will have on your ability to attract and retain top female talent by being located in a state which has refused to recognize women’s reproductive freedom — cannot be ignored.”

A few companies may think they cannot attract abortion-supporting women in a state where it is illegal. But they also forget that they will not attract those against it because they exist in an abortion-supporting state. Not one of these men even thought about the women that are against abortion. There is plenty of talent available in any state. They need to look for it and get beyond the abortion issue.

Murphy wasted his time sending out various letters to recently relocated companies. He sent more than 50 letters to businesses in states that ban or limit the practice. The liberal states are setting themselves up to be baby-killing factories.

Murphy believes that finances are more important than the right to live. He wants to attract those that the liberal ideology has brainwashed so they can keep his state blue for generations to come. His pandering to the progressive minority is proof of just how desperate the liberals have become.

Newsom and Murphy are not the only ultra-liberals competing for the support of progressive corporations. Ned Lamont is the greedy governor of Connecticut. He bragged in his appeal that his state has the best workforce in the world. He wanted everyone to know that women were working away from everyone else and use them to appeal to corporations to move to his state reactively.

Lamont mentioned that his state respects women as if to say that conservative states don’t. The oppressive Democrats view Republicans as people subjecting women to the horrors of pregnancy. But pregnancy is a choice that women make. If they do not want to get pregnant, there are ways to prevent such from happening.

The concept of abortion is nothing more than a way to get around the consequences of specific actions. The little soul murdered every time an abortion takes place does not stand a fighting chance against the evil that seeks to extinguish its life. The Republican Party and conservatives across the country are the only forces fighting for the child’s right to live.

The Democrats want to murder the unborn purely for financial gain. They value the mighty dollar more than anything else, and the proof is in their pleas to corporations that have moved on and moved out.