There’s an Inflation Warning…Farmers Are in Trouble

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Inflation is real. We see it everywhere we look. And it’s not just affecting the consumer at the gas pumps or in the grocery stores. It’s affecting farmers.

We absolutely need to make sure that American farmers are getting what they need to survive. Without the farmers, we lose much of everything. The country will not survive if we cannot produce our own grains.

The National Black Farmer’s Association President has decided that it’s time to share a message, too.

John Boyd, Jr, the president of the association warned, “If you want this country to survive, take care of the American farmer.”

Since the government loves to show that inflation doesn’t really exist, we’ll use their reference from last year to show that a 4th of July cookout didn’t cost any more than it did in 2020. Of course, everyone who had gone shopping for the necessary supplies knew that was a lie.

Axios showed that a cookout was more likely to cost approximately 17 percent more than it did last year. 17 percent is no small jump – and it’s what’s causing such a problem for low and middle-class families. They simply don’t have that kind of discretionary spending. It means that families have to decide what they are going to give up – paying down debt, going out to eat, buying nicer groceries, something.

No matter what is given up in order to make ends meet, an industry suffers.

Sara Carter, a Fox News contributor, takes a look at how inflation is particularly affecting farmers – and how that’s going to, ultimately, have a negative impact on the consumer.

There’s the high cost of diesel and the high cost of fertilizer and that all end up hitting the end-consumer so that farmers can continue to pay for what they need in order to maintain their farms.

Without support for the farmers, there could be national food shortages. And Boyd, Jr believes that there aren’t enough people talking about the big problems. These problems are affecting farmers significantly.

Producing “Corn, wheat, and soybeans” are what the American farmer can do better than anyone else in the world, according to Boyd, Jr. That means that farmers need support. Otherwise, farmers lose their base and their freedom to farm.

The blame falls on the Biden administration. The president of the National Black Farmer’s Association is quick to say that there’s not enough support being given to rural America. When Carter asks Boyd, Jr what he would say to Biden if he were here right now, Boyd repeated that there needs to be support for the American farmer.

He pointed to the ground to show that it was land. He went on to explain that land is there to produce food. It doesn’t know color and it doesn’t know political lines. This means that the Biden administration has no reason to ignore farmers. Everyone needs the farmers to survive so that America can survive.

“Take care of the American farmer and the country will take care of itself.”

That about covers it. We need to support the farmers so that we don’t encounter food shortages.

The moment that we see food shortages, we start to see ideas like Bill Gates wants to promote – food being produced in giant vats inside laboratories. No one wants food coming from vats when the simple answer is that we have land that will produce food for us.

Particularly when Ukraine cannot produce over 20% of the world’s grain usage right now, our farmers become more important than ever before.

We have to watch carefully to see what the Biden administration does next. If they don’t start supporting our farmers, we have to assume that they want this country to fail.