Ron DeSantis Conquers Biden in the Fight Over Border Security

Novikov Aleksey /

Joe Biden and his administration have made it clear that his beloved illegals are more important than the people he is supposed to serve. He opened the border and personally invited migrants to flood the border and sneak into the country without any border protections. Biden has even enlisted the services of secret buses to bring illegals into the country’s interior.

His sad actions have caught the attention of Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, who has decided that someone needs to look into the decisions and policies allowing illegals to flood the country. Biden is solely responsible for the explosion at the border, which is putting American security at risk.

The people coming across the border are not all migrants looking for a better life. Some are members of international crime rings looking to make inroads into America.

DeSantis stated, “I am glad that the Florida Supreme Court has granted my petition to impanel a statewide grand jury to investigate international human smuggling networks that operate on our southern border. We are united in fighting back against Biden’s border crisis and protecting Floridians.”

Biden’s actions are taking on a new level as an investigation is underway to look into the human smuggling that is taking place. The open borders allow free passage for anyone back and forth without being checked. Criminals can walk across the border, take a little girl out of her yard, and drag her south without ever being caught. The type of people that Biden is allowing into America only seek to commit massive amounts of crime.

DeSantis is committed to protecting the country by securing the Florida border. Jeanette Nunez is the Lt. Gov. for Florida. She is all in favor of looking into the criminal side of Biden’s open border plan.

She stated that “The governor has created a strike force to interdict human smuggling that is taking place in Florida,” she added, “He’s got the grand jury that will be investigating and looking at what are the things that we can do to protect Floridians, and he’s also made it illegal for common carriers to knowingly work with enterprises that are bringing illegals into Florida.”

The type of people that Biden wants to let into America is not the family-oriented type of people. They are the ones that are stealing kids and transporting them across the border to be sold as sex slaves to the highest bidder. Many others are members of the drug cartels or gangs that want to make it to America to continue their life of crime.

Nunez stated that none of the people across the border have respect for people or life. They take and destroy anything that they want. She pointed out that the goal of DeSantis’ plan is to stop the crime wave and bring these people to justice.

There isn’t a soul in America who feels safe under Biden’s leadership. He has shown that Americans come last on his agenda. The southern border is no longer a safe place to live or work with the number of criminals coming across the border. Biden has systematically allowed the drug cartels to expand their operations across the border. And the amount of fentanyl showing up across the U.S. is proof of that.

The American population is not the only one concerned about the level of illegal activity. Biden’s policies have allowed millions of illegals to flow through Mexico, which, in turn, is putting its people in harm’s way.

Organized crime is on the rise now that they can move around freely. The crime bosses have shown that they can communicate better and use the latest devices to move drugs and people around the border.

Joe Biden has proven that the Democrats love crime. His policies and actions regarding the southern border have allowed criminal organizations to expand. Ron DeSantis has yet again taken up the task of standing in the gap to keep Floridians and Americans safe. Biden is a hazard to humanity and needs to be kept in check until the day he leaves office.