Kamala Harris Seriously Tries To Regain Respect…Seriously

Isaac Hoops / shutterstock.com

There is no doubt that Vice President Kamala Harris is a fraud sitting in a position of authority. She has failed miserably at her job to the point that even the media does not want to talk about her. She is more interested in padding her resume with various job titles than actually performing the tasks handed down to her by the president. And now she is back in the news trying to make herself sound intelligent and become a responsible person.

The vice president has not taken her job seriously for over a year. The southern border crisis is proof enough that she does not care to work on a way to keep people from illegally entering the country.

But in recent days, Kamala Harris has shown up again, saying it is time for her and the rest of the Democrats to start taking things seriously. Her proclamation is nothing more than an admission that, up until now, they have been playing games and seriously neglecting the job the voters task them to do.

The great thing about her speech is that it reveals how sick and far gone the Democrats have become.

Blaze Media reported, “Our nation’s second in command has become known for her embarrassing habit of impersonating a broken record. Like when she got stuck repeating the word ‘joy’ over and over during a painfully awkward interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid. Or the time she weirdly repeated the phrase ‘the significance of the passage of time’ four times in less than 30 seconds. And who could forget the strange ‘word salad’ speech in which she repeated the phrase ‘work together’ six times in a single rambling sentence?”

One has to wonder who it is that writes the horrible speeches that Harris gets to give. Her repetitious nature is laughable because it proves that the liberal VP doesn’t know what she is supposed to be doing as second-in-command. Instead of proving her experience by action, she is more content to convince people she is intelligent and competent by giving ignorant speeches.

Her latest speech was at a meeting centered around the tragic shootings in Highland Park, Illinois. She wanted to tell people that she was concerned and fully ready to engage in dealing with the issues. But she can only engage in the issues if she knows what the issues are.

The vice president mentioned in her speech, “We have to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are, because you have been forced to take this seriously.”

Seriously, how ignorant is this?

Harris thinks that the people are not taking the matter of violence seriously. But the truth is that people want something done about the crime. They do not want their Second Amendment rights taken away based on a few people nationwide who thought killing people would be a good idea. The Democrats have created an environment where criminals think they can do whatever they want. And as a response, the Democrats are using the issue as a cover to push their socialist agenda.

Harris does not understand the issues surrounding the Second Amendment. Harris would find out how ignorant she sounded as social media would erupt with posts mocking her repetitious words. She sounded like a toddler trying to sound intelligent about things they do not understand.

The entire issue of gun control has become the center of politics. The Democrats want to disarm the public so that they do not have a way to defend themselves. They know that to subject the public to dictator rule entirely, they must first take away the public’s ability to rise up and end the takeover. And that is why the liberals want to strip away the Second Amendment.