Chicago Mayor Provides the Nation With a Prime Example of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has a massive reputation. For being a passionate mayor? You bet. Always looking to put her city in the spotlight? More than most mayors would dream of. Pushing failed policies on her constituents straight out of the Democratic playbook? Almost as if she was reading step-by-step instructions. All this attention she seeks is done with the intention of blaming someone else. The federal government, white men, people in the suburbs, Republicans, etc.

“F**k Clarence Thomas” was the proclamation given by Mayor Lightfoot during an event last week. Her absolute tirade about the man and then standing up for it after she made the statement showed exactly what kind of character she has. She won’t apologize for something that may have been said during a heated moment, or even try to save face over the incident. She’ll, instead, just act like her statement is something that people should be perfectly fine with.

Now, she has picked up the cross and is trying to make a case against horrible and hateful speech. “What it feels like is happening in this moment in our democracy is people are losing respect for the institutions of our democracy. The toxicity in our public discourse is a thing I think we should all be concerned about.” While it already sounds like more trash than anyone should want to hear, she wasn’t done there. She had a lot more to say on the subject.

“We have got to focus on what brings us together and not what tears us apart, and we’ve got to get back to respect for each other and respect for community. And that’s the thing, I think, that concerns me the most over the arc of the last two years.”

This sudden change of heart is also a far cry from her “call to arms” stance towards the SCOTUS back in May. It’s as if she forgot how horrible her words about the SCOTUS were and how little she thinks of them but wants to unite the community under her sudden quest for peace and unity. Her decision to make such bold statements but, then, backpedal from that same rage and force is almost comical.

However, there is something special to take note of in her comments. Notice how she claimed that she has noticed the division caused in the last two years? Even Mayor Lightfoot can see how divisive and separating President Biden is. Given his position as the pied piper of leftists, you would think she would be continuing to press down on the rhetoric against the SCOTUS and pushing Biden up, not going against people being divided and pointing out the division Biden causes.

Mayor Lightfoot is a lightning rod of controversy. She has a way of making the problem about everything else but her leadership or her party. This kind of leadership is the last thing Chicago or any city in the U.S. needs right now. People around the city have taken notice, and during her election in February 2023, she’ll be facing some opposition as she tries to stay in office.

Given her rampant push to keep Chicago a safe haven for criminals, to make it nearly impossible for someone to own and carry a firearm in the city legally, and her nonsensical quest to get herself in the headlines nationally every week, she could be an easy defeat. The people of Chicago don’t like the way things have changed since she has been in office, and with Sleepy Joe in office, they don’t like her party. Maybe she should have thought about her latest sound bite before attacking the SCOTUS.