Democratic Candidate in Iowa Nearly Shoots an Eye Out

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The past year has been riddled with one tragedy after another. A person enters a public place and opens fire, hoping to injure and take down as many targets as possible. Such events are used by the Democrats to politicize and demand that something be done to strip away the Second Amendment rights from all law-abiding citizens. They believe that the ordinary person cannot use a firearm correctly and should not have the benefit of using one to defend themselves.

That kind of ideology is at the core of the Democratic Party. They believe they are an elite class of more competent people. They think they have all the answers to every problem and should have the right to tell people to live their personal lives. But as Sonya Heitshusen would prove, they are not as bright as they think they are.

Sonya Heitshusen is a Democrat running for a position in the Iowa house. The crazy politician was playing around with a gun in her home when it suddenly went off and shot through a sliding glass door. The police would show up and end up charging her with the reckless use of a firearm.

Heitshusen’s neighbors would end up calling the police and filing a complaint about the gunshot. The Glock 21 was fired at 11 p.m. and was loud enough to call the attention of the neighbors. Once the police arrived on the scene, they found Heitshusen and the broken glass with a gun on the table.

The Democratic candidate would tell the police that “as she was placing the handgun onto the kitchen table, she pulled the trigger, discharging it.” Her reckless handgun discharge proves that the liberals do not understand how to handle weapons.

The gun should have never been loaded. And everyone that knows how to handle a gun never touches one without the safety being engaged. And they certainly do not put their finger in the trigger housing until they are ready to fire the weapon.

The part of the story that is being downplayed is as the Daily Caller reports, “The police report also indicated that alcohol was a factor in the event, according to the affidavit released by Iowa Field Report. Heitshusen was previously arrested for drunk driving in 2014. She pleaded guilty to the charge, Iowa Field Report noted.”

Heitshusen had bought the handgun because she was receiving threats related to her old news anchor and journalist job. She needed to purchase a handgun to protect herself. The Daily Caller also reported that she is married to a police officer.

The Democrats believe people should not have guns to protect themselves. Heitshusen is a walking contradiction. She believes in gun control while, at the same time, owning a gun for her protection.

The accused also stated, “I’ve received ongoing threatening messages on social media. Knowing my partner was leaving town for an extended period of time, I checked one of the firearms, and while checking it, an accidental discharge of the firearm occurred.”

It sounds like her police officer partner should have taught her a lot better…

The woman had to hire an attorney to help defend herself in court. She has to prove that she is not guilty of the charges being levied against her. Her defense is also proof that the Democrats believe they are never at fault for their actions. Heitshusen discharged the gun accidentally, but even an accident is a reckless firearm discharge. She should have never had her finger on the trigger.

The incident could have ended with an injury or even a death, all because Heitshusen recklessly played with a gun. But it was not the gun’s fault that it went off because the person playing with it caused it to fire. A simple safety course would have taught her that when handling a gun, the finger should never be placed in the trigger housing until it is ready to be fired. And that is why she was charged accordingly.