Another Lifelong Dem Turns GOP, This One After Her Son Was Murdered

Maria Dryfhout /

As you’ve likely heard, things aren’t looking too good for the Democratic Party at the moment, especially when considering how the next few election cycles could and will probably go for them. But it’s not just that no one likes the party anymore. Their real problem is that more and more party members are turning on their own and switching sides.

Take Erica Ingram of Cleveland, Ohio, for example.

Ingram has long been a woman of character and values and one who respects law and order and sees its need in our society. But it seems the party she has supported all these years no longer shares those same values, not even when something as tragic as murder is involved.

Ingram’s 24-year-old son was shot and killed outside of their home back in 2019. And like many in her party at the time, she turned to those she always had to make it right, hoping and believing that the Democratic Party’s plans for the rising crime rates throughout the nation would work.

However, as she watched the party take control not only of the White House and then Congress, nothing got any better. In fact, as we all know, those crime rates have only gotten worse. In 2020, Cleveland had the most murders ever recorded in the city, 179. And the next year didn’t get much better, dropping only to 165, NBC News reported.

Naturally, these numbers are of great concern not only to those living in the Cleveland area but also to those elsewhere in the country where crime rates have also risen and at a similar rate.

Those like Ingram had hoped that with her party in control, they would get a handle on all this violence. But as 2020 proved to us, thanks largely to the riots and catastrophe following Black Lives Matter’s infamous movement, that’s not what happened.

Instead, crime rates have skyrocketed, and in cities all over the nation, it is the criminal who has been given the benefit of the doubt.

Ingram wants a change. And so she’s choosing not to vote Democrat in the upcoming midterm election cycle. And, she just might vote Republican. In particular, she might give her vote to Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance, a man who she believes shares her values and views.

As she told NBC News, “I can see him having compassion as to where the Democrats don’t have no compassion. They’re, like, weak. They don’t fight hard enough as to where the Republicans get up there and they pull out all stops.”

As NBC summarized for her, Democrats aren’t taking the rising crime rates “seriously enough.” And the people can tell.

This can clearly be seen in cities like San Francisco, where their district attorney was just recalled for her soft on crime policies. A similar process is underway in Los Angeles, where DA George Gascon could soon find himself without a job.

It can also be seen in party registration numbers, on which the Associated Press reported last month that over 1 million voters in 43 states had switched to the Republican Party so far since last year. And that number is only increasing as Democratic leaders continue to do very little about crime, hemorrhage our hard-earned tax dollars on pointless policies, ignore ongoing crises like the one at our southern border, the gas and oil shortage, and the flaws in our supply chain.

And no, it’s not just rural areas more typically seen as conservative that have seen this growth in Republican registrations. Instead, the AP reports, it’s “virtually every region of the country – Democratic and Republican states along with cities and small towns.”

And according to an ABC/Washington Post poll, this has given the GOP a 12 percentage point lead over the Democrats coming into the 2022 midterm election cycle. Last summer, the parties were nearly even, especially when it came to who voters thought could better handle crime.

Now, it seems the tide has changed. Americans know that Democrats, for all their flapping at the mouth, aren’t actually doing anything. And so they are turning to those who have time and time again proved that they will, as Ingram says, pull out all the stops.