Hunter Biden Moves Out and a Homeless Camp Immediately Moves In

Simone Hogan /

Remember when Donald Trump was our president, and the Democrats and media constantly accused him of taking advantage of his title? Particularly when it came to how his family seemed to use federal monies and privileges?

I specifically remember now-President Joe Biden saying that he would never allow such if he were voted into office. He swore that his children, all of which are fully grown, if not completely immature adults, would never be treated as if they were princes and princesses, as he claimed Trump’s children did.

And yet, time after time, it seems Hunter Biden has enjoyed the luxuries of being POTUS’s son.

Take, for instance, the fact that a security detail has been provided to him since the time his father took office in January of 2021. And that security detail, provided by the taxpayer-paid Secret Service, has been so good at providing protection for the younger Biden that he doesn’t even have to experience seeing homelessness in California.

Now, those of you who know much about the Golden State are well acquainted with the state’s growing and seemingly endless homeless problem. In cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, in fact, it seems they are everywhere, with makeshift tents set up and entire streets blocked off because of their encampments.

They even inhabit the streets of high-end and luxury neighborhoods, such as the one in Venice, where Hunter Biden chose to live for a time.

But as residents noticed, the usual homeless encampments seemed to disappear overnight when Hunter moved into the community. And just as soon as he left, they moved right back in…

According to the Daily Mail, the younger Biden lived in the Venice neighborhood up until last year, when he moved to a $20,000 a month rental in Malibu. Residents of the Venice community say that, like just about everywhere in the state, homeless camps have always been an issue, despite ‘urban camping’ as it is called, being illegal in Los Angeles. They also described their neighborhood streets as being lined with tents and camps for years.

And yet, when Biden moved in, along with his Secret Service entourage, the camps suddenly seemed to disappear. No one knows exactly where they all went or what the Biden security detail did to deter such inhabitants. But gone they were.

And the second he left the neighborhood for greener pastures, they noted that those camps immediately appeared again.

One community member told the Daily Mail, “When Hunter moved into the neighborhood, his street was immediately cleared of the homeless. The minute he moved up to Malibu, his old street in Venice became a tent city.”

Community member Ann McElhinney asks, “How is this fair to Venice homeowners? It just shows how the Bidens truly live a different life from the rest of us.”

It’s a valid question, to be sure. I mean, how self-important and pampered do you have to be that you don’t have to look at homelessness? That should there be homeless encampments in your neighborhood, they are immediately eradicated just so you don’t have to see them and possibly feel uncomfortable?

I guess it’s no different than having your daddy pay for pretty much everything you’ve ever done, including covering up your international business crimes and what has to be a mountain of debt. Lord knows more than a few lawyers and prosecutors have been paid off by Daddy Biden.

Equally disturbing is that when Hunter moved to Malibu, the Secret Service detail assigned to him did, too. They rented out the $30,000 a month mansion right next to Biden’s to keep closer tabs on him and supposedly do their job better. Naturally, this has raised a number of questions about just how much of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars are being used to simply fund Hunter Biden’s extravagant lifestyle.

According to Hunter’s ex-wife, his lifestyle has always been one that demanded more money than he had. It was one of the many issues that led to their divorce.

Now, it seems you and I are paying for his luxury and sensitivity…