Rubio Makes Startling Announcement Regarding the Upcoming Midterm Elections

Christopher Halloran /

The Republican Party is ready to take back the House and the Senate. Voters are ready to overthrow the Democratic regime and put people into office that are willing to represent the people instead of their selfish interests.

The Democrats want to make the upcoming election about a fake narrative that the conservatives tried to take over the country on January 6. They need to make people believe they are trying to save America. But the facts show that they are the ones trying to destroy America.

Marco Rubio (R-FL) is a senator who had the chance to speak up about the midterm elections when he was the keynote at a Republican rally. The future of politics in America hangs in the balance, and he is confident that a red wave will change things.

Rubio was clear that a cultural divide has sprung up in America. The division that exists stems from the president’s office and administration. The Democrats continue to claim that there is racism in America and that the white people are the ones to blame.

Rubio believes the divisive spirit created by the liberals will be their undoing. Those who once voted Democrat are going to look at voting for Republicans because they have emerged as a party that represents the people. Rubio maintained that voting conservative would be a “common sense” issue.

Rubio noted that “Every single one of you knows someone who has never voted for a Republican in their lives, but they’re going to now, not because they agree with us on every issue … but because we agree on what we can agree on. And what we can agree on is common sense. The choice in American politics today is no longer simply left and right, or Republican and Democrat … the choice is between common sense and complete and utter lunacy.”

The Biden administration has proven that they cannot make rational decisions. President Biden thought it would be an excellent idea to pull out of Afghanistan, which allowed terrorism to come back. He even thought it would be a great idea to open the southern border, which was a complete disaster.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense will vote for the Republican Party. The Democrats have decided that to keep people from catching on to their plan, it would be best to confuse them.

The “woke” ideology being pushed in the public school system is a prime example of how they want to confuse people. The liberals teach that America is a nation built on slavery and that the time has come for the white man to become the servant of people of color. They teach that somehow a white person must make restitution to the past and let people of color walk all over them.

Another way that Biden and his administration seek to confuse and divide people is by making them think there is no crisis at the southern border. The confusion is found in the way that Biden talks about the border. He makes it appear as though everything is under control.

The massive number of people trying to enter illegally the country is crippling many areas. The flow of drugs and human trafficking accounts is on the rise. But governors in Florida and Texas have taken steps to stop the flow of people coming over the border. The laws the states are having to pass are designed to fight the lunacy of an open border concept.

Rubia also stated that intelligent voters like what they see being done in Florida and Texas. They want a wall built at the border to keep illegals out. They want to be able to carry a gun for protection. And they want to see inflation lowered and prices fall. These things make sense to people.

Rubio is getting the word out that a vote for a Republican makes sense. But a vote for a Democrat makes no sense at all. The country needs people who can think logically through their decisions before putting them into practice. Biden has proven that he does not think before he acts.