Biden’s Inflation Takes Its Toll As Interest Rates Are Set To Rise Again

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The problem of inflation is taking its toll on every area of the economy. Consumer prices are at all-time highs, and gas prices continue to drain bank accounts. While Americans struggle to put food on the table, the Federal Reserve must contemplate the idea of raising interest rates to combat the problem.

The possibility of a recession has many bankers fearing that it is unavoidable. The economy must continue to grow for things to continue to stay strong. But Biden’s fat inflation problem is zapping growth’s positive effect on every American.

The president and his clueless administration want people to think that the war in Ukraine and the COVID-19 virus still showing up is why inflation is out of control. But facts show that inflation started to be a problem as Biden got his socialist legislation passed through Congress.

The main issue for people seeking a loan is that the high-interest rate will make payments extremely high. Biden’s inflation has eliminated any extra income people may have received over the past year. The Federal Reserve has known that it will continue raising interest rates to combat the problem.

Newsbreak reported, “The Fed will hold its two-day policy meeting beginning Wednesday, when it is expected to hike the benchmark borrowing rate by another three-quarter of a percentage point in its aggressive campaign to cool demand and ease price pressures.”

The prosperous job market created by former President Donald Trump has been a source of fresh air for people. But the record high 9.1 percent inflation rate has sucked all the extra income out of paychecks across the country.

Biden may claim that many people have jobs following the COVID-19 pandemic, but the record inflation rate and high prices are causing many to lose their jobs. The Fed wants to avoid consumer prices from getting out of control.

Janet Yellen is the Treasury Secretary. According to Newsbreak, she stated, “I’m not saying that we will definitely avoid a recession, but I think there is a path that keeps the labor market strong and brings inflation down.”

The Democrats want people to think that the inflation problem is highly complicated. They have muddied the waters so much that it is hard for some to see past their lies. The reason the inflation rate and prices took off is due to the act that Biden took that flooded the market with money that was not adequately backed.

The ability of people to buy things caused a shortage of products which, in turn, caused prices to jump to new levels. The president wanted consumer prices to increase so he could continue implementing his socialist ideas and ruin the country.

Biden’s pointless policies and socialist ideas have led America to destruction. The president pushed as much money as he could into households, hoping they would spend without paying down their debts. He knew that pandemic lockdowns in China would only help his mission to socialize America.

Newsbreak reported that previous interest hikes helped propel the economy forward. But the president’s inflation drive quickly halted the momentum the economy started to experience. Prices of homes have gone up, and the amount of personal spending has gone up. The fear flowing through banks is that a recession is approaching.

The evidence they cite for a recession is a lack of mortgage applications and more spending on needful items instead of wish-list items. People are taking their hard-earned money and putting it where it is needed to stay on top of their bills.

The Federal Reserve has reported that another rate increase will not hurt the economy or cause it to slip into a recession. Biden’s inflation crisis is one of many ways he is working hard to harm the country. Every effort is being made to keep him from damaging the country beyond repair. The midterm elections will decide as Americans vote Republicans into office and remove the crooked Democrats.