Republicans Tell All As Gas Prices Stay in Uncharted Territory

Andy Dean Photography /

President Joe Biden has come up with many excuses as to why the gas prices remain extremely high. At first, he tried to blame former president Donald Trump. He tried to pin the problem on Vladimir Putin and his attacks on the Ukrainian people. He even claimed that oil companies were greedy entities seeking to rob people of their hard-earned money through high gas prices.

The Democratic president may have many reasons, and excuses as to why the prices remain high but not one of them is the truth. Biden keeps telling lies to continue to hide the real reason people are breaking the bank just to put gas in their cars.

Former Vice President Mike Pence has issued a challenge to keep the liberals from lying to the voters. At a speaking event in Indiana, Pence had the opportunity to reveal the real reason that gas prices remain high across the country. He showed that the facts point out that the prices are high because of the Democrats.

Mike Pence was able to stop at a gas station located in Hobart, Indiana. A conservative advocacy group had put gas prices to $2.38, which is what people paid up until Joe Biden stole the office. The illegitimate president has nearly doubled the price of gas people have to pay at the pump.

The Democrats must keep people preoccupied with problems to hide their dangerous deeds. They need people to forget about the socialist agenda they keep trying to push on people. But they seriously underestimate the tenacity of the people.

The city of Hobart is located in a district where the Republicans are confident they will turn red in the midterm elections. It is an area that the Democrats have kept blue for the past 90 years. Frank Mrvan is the current representative.

The red wave is expected to turn many blue districts red in the coming months. The state of Virginia is a clear indicator of how much the people are fed up with the lies and attempts of the Democrats to subjugate people to forced rule.

The GOP has ads that show the Democrats took power right before the gas prices started to rise. Mrvan and the other Democrats he serves are responsible for the pain that every American feels at the pump each time they fill up their tank.

Biden is supposed to be leading the country in a direction that promotes growth and prosperity. But all he has done is implement one terrible policy after another. The president keeps restricting domestic energy production, affecting how much oil is available for refining. The gas prices are rising because of the policies Biden keeps on putting out.

WFYI reported that Pence said, “From the very first day of this administration, one policy after another set into motion the inevitable result of skyrocketing gasoline prices.”

Biden wants people to think that the war between Russia and Ukraine is responsible for the high prices. But the old man’s refusal to let domestic oil producers drill for oil has made America vulnerable to the volatility of the world’s oil production.

The liberals also blame the Republicans for the high prices even though they control the federal government. State-level Democrats in Indiana blindly assume that the high prices result from the conservative’s refusal to suspend the gas tax. But that is only an answer to treating a symptom, not the root cause of the high prices.

WFYI also noted that Pence spoke highly of Jennifer-Ruth Green, the Republican set to take over the district 1 seat. Green stated, “It’s an honor to be here today just to hear more and learn more about the realities that the current economic situation causes our people.”

In response to Green’s statement, Mrvan’s office blamed companies for taking advantage of the pandemic to make a few extra dollars. His response shows that the Democrats are still pushing the lie that major oil producers are to blame for the higher prices at the pump and in the stores.