Is NYC About to Get EVEN MORE Dangerous?

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 New York City’s crime rate has been skyrocketing since before the pandemic. Then, with George Floyd’s death came riots, the defunding of many police departments, and a lot of rules that make it harder for police officers to do their job.

Former mayor Bill de Blasio was unable to get a handle on crime. Now, Eric Adams is the new mayor – and he hasn’t had much luck, either.

Much of the problem comes from a major issue within the city. NYPD officers are sick and tired of dealing with the liberal politics that prevent them from doing their job. As such, they’re retiring or quitting in droves. Many are even leaving before they have reached full pension.

According to The Post, 2465 police officers have filed to leave this year – and that’s 42% more than the over 1700 that exited last year.

Do the math – that’s over 4,000 police officers who have decided that they are ready to give up on their dream of serving and protecting.

On Fox & Friends, former NYPD detective Jason Caputo was quick to point out that the safety of New York City is at serious risk. “You’re losing qualified [people], you’re losing experience, you’re losing so much when it comes to that kind of stuff.”

Caputo left the force two years shy of receiving his pension. He gave a farewell speech to say that the job isn’t the same as when he joined. He said that “the no-bail law” was a big issue.

He’s got a point. There’s no crimefighting going on when an officer makes an arrest only to find the criminal back onto the streets a few days later. Too many crimes are being dismissed, and that’s because of the liberal politics in the city. As Caputo says, “Pay your debt to society. You broke the law.”

Being a police officer in today’s day and age is harder than ever. You risk your life. Criminals are more violent toward you than ever. Riots could break out at any moment, led by a Democratic politician demanding the defunding of police. And you’re arresting the same perps each and every week.

Eric Adams likes to provide lip service to pretend that he’s doing something. However, he’s not doing what it takes.

The answer is simple, and Paul DiGiacomo, the president of the Detectives Endowment Association makes it crystal clear. “It’s simple. Detectives are retiring in historic numbers because they have no support from politicians who care more about criminals than cops and the New Yorkers they protect.”

What does this mean for New York City? Well, it means that things are about to get more dangerous. There’s no deterrent for the criminals anymore. They feel as though they can walk around with guns and commit crimes without anything being done to them. If they are actually caught, many assume that they’ll be back out on the streets within two days.

Unfortunately, it’s not just New York City experiencing these problems, either. Many other liberal-run cities are experiencing escalating crime rates because police officers are quitting. Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia are just a few of them.

For every mayor who says that they’re “working on it,” pay close attention to what they’re really doing. If they’re not throwing their support behind law enforcement 100 percent, they’re not doing enough.