Republicans Received Feces-Filled Letters…What Fun!

Samantha Gatesman /

The Democratic Party has done a major disservice to the country. They have led people to believe that Republicans are terrorists seeking to destroy the foundation of freedom in the United States. They have told their brainwashed followers that differing opinions are terrible and cannot be tolerated. And as a result, their followers resort to violence when things do not go their way.

The Republican Party stands for what is right. The Republicans that received a letter filled with poo from Richard Steinle certainly did not deserve to have their day ruined by a foul smell. The stinky man sent poo-filled letters to Republican senators around the country and 25 state senators serving in Ohio.

The lunatic sent the letters to people who love America. Each senator he tried to smear with feces stood up for freedom and everything else that makes America great.

Steinle was arrested by law enforcement officers and charged with sending harmful objects through the mail.

The waste he sent through the mail is considered to be a hazardous material. Human and animal feces carry harmful diseases that can spread through the human population.

The poo-mailer violated federal law, prohibiting sending dangerous material. Strict safety precautions are implemented to keep people from abusing the mail system. The last thing USPS employees want is to become sick because someone sends dangerous material through the mail.

Steinle’s crime carries with it a year in prison and a fine of $100,000. He may have thought he was getting a message across to the Republican Party on how he felt about things. But all he got for himself was a lot of debt and jail time.

NBC News reported, “Mailroom employees in the Ohio Statehouse and post offices in Cleveland and Akron intercepted the 25 letters, which never made it to their intended recipients. The return addresses on the letters were deemed fake. Some letters contained words such as ‘pig’ and ‘racist’ on them, according to court records.”

The disgruntled Steinle started sending his fan mail in August of 2021. He could not muster the courage to bring his anger to the senators. He had to hide behind a fake return address and resort to name calling.

The Democrats have turned into a political party of cowards. They resort to name-calling and violence if they do not get their way.

The Constitution allows for peaceful protests and the right to share opinions without becoming a victim of violence. But the liberals have come to believe they can do whatever they want and not be held accountable to the law. But every time they try to skirt the law, they find that everyone is held to the same standard of behavior.

NBC News also reported that “In late July, investigators for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service conducted surveillance on Steinle’s home after a tip from another court employee that Steinle might be involved in sending the letters. Investigators witnessed Steinle mailing a letter while wearing a glove and after retrieving the letter, determined it to be contaminated with feces. The letter was addressed to Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, according to court records.”

The man with the feces could not even handle his mail because of the harmful substance in each letter. He couldn’t stand to touch his own waste. His avoidance of self-contamination was the tip officers needed to make the arrest.

The way Steinle voiced his anger is just the type of violence that defines the Democratic Party. They do not care about who they hurt or the repercussions that can affect others. He could have shut down an entire state legislature by sending hazardous body waste through the mail.

All he cared about was trying to physically harm innocent people that were standing in the gap and keeping America a great place to live. Republicans believe that America is built on values and must be protected from the liberals trying to make a mess of things.

Hopefully, Steinle will learn that he is better off flushing…and using his words to express his upset about a problem.