Pelosi Declares Her Ignorance with Declaration of China Being a Free Country

lev radin /

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi showed her true colors when she thought it would be a good idea to present China as a free country. The scandalous Democrats cannot help themselves when it comes to sticking their feet into their big mouths. The old gal’s admission shows just how much the liberals want to embrace a type of government that abuses people and subjects everyone else to dictatorship rule.

The stubborn Speaker of the House decided she would take a nice long trip to Taiwan and tell them that the United States supports their fight for freedom. The Chinese government took offense at her arrival on the island and ramped up their military drills in preparation for an invasion.

The Daily Wire reported that Pelosi stated, “We still support the One China policy. Taiwan is nothing like mainland China. We go there to acknowledge the status quo is what our policy is. There was nothing disruptive about that. It was only about saying China is one of the freest societies in the world.”

The Chinese regime rounds up the religious minorities and forces them to exist in camps. These camps are more like religious prisons where the people are starved to death and murdered. The communist government also uses genocide to control people and to kill off any group that is found violating communist rules.

Donald Trump Jr. would state that “Pelosi thinks that the Communist Dictatorship in China is ‘one of the freest societies in the world,’ which may explain why the Democrats are now emulating the same authoritarian tactics here at home, that the Chinese Communist Party uses against their political opposition!”

The Democrats have demonstrated their love of communist China by mimicking the same kind of ridiculous policies that they abuse their people with. Joe Biden has tried several times to force people to obey his wishes or be subjected to harsh punishments. One example of his dictatorship rule came after he tried to force Americans to vaccinate. And those that refused would end up losing their jobs.

Pelosi has shown that the Chinese government somehow controls her. She could not condemn their military actions against the Taiwanese people. She believes China has a right to take back the island and force the people to live under communist rule.

The House Speaker has her supporters working overtime to make people think she hates the Chinese people. They claim she has spoken out against the communist nation for most of her career. But that does not mean she has not had a change of heart.

The Democrats love to make a show of things for people to watch. Pelosi traveled to Taiwan, and the Chinese government threatened to shoot her out of the air. But nothing came of that threat. It was all a show for the world to see. The liberals must appear to stand up for freedom, or they risk losing their power once voters head to the polls.

Pushy Pelosi tried to tell the world that America would support the Taiwanese people. Her words are hard to believe, given how President Joe Biden pulled out of Afghanistan and left people behind. No one believes Pelosi because of how Biden failed to come to the aid of American allies. He even failed to help the Cuban people in their struggle for freedom after they revolted against their evil dictator.

Biden’s actions clearly show the people he wants to support. Communist China is his preference. He has his supporters in the field trying to make people believe that the Democrats support freedom. And yet, at every instant when freedom is threatened, Biden has chosen to side with communism or socialism.

The Democrats will never stand for freedom as long there is the chance they can destroy democracy and set themselves up as dictators. The liberals would instead embrace terrorism and watch their fellow citizens die than do what is right and defend America.