Wyoming Republican Voters Have Had Enough of Liz Cheney…She’s Losing Miserably

Oscar C. Williams / shutterstock.com

A Republican member of Congress cannot vote to impeach a former Republican president and expect to get reelected. They also cannot spend a year and a half swinging a sword at a former president’s blonde head once he’s left office. It’s Trump vs. the underdog Liz Cheney in a political bout she’s predestined to lose.

Republican Rep. James Herrera-Beutler from Washington, who also broke from his party by voting for the impeachment, went down in humiliating flames in his state primary and conceded the race.

Folks in Wyoming aren’t too happy with their tarnished golden girl. Seeing as how their state only holds one congressional seat, it’s unlikely Cheney will be squeezing her butt into it again once they’ve spoken in the upcoming state primary.

Cheney already had a not too unusual disapproval rating of 26% among Republicans in her state prior to voting for the impeachment. After casting her “yes,” vote it went through the ceiling to 72%. 

Cheney’s soaring unpopularity had every one of her wannabe replacements tossing their names in the proverbial hat. But only one could emerge victorious, and that was former Republican National Committeewoman Harriet Hageman who, by the way, received the coveted Trump endorsement. 

At present, Hageman is favored to win the election by an astounding 20 points. In plain English, this equates to 95% of the vote in a state that’s redder than the reddest red. 

In Cheney’s case, money ain’t talking. The little lady pulled the purse strings of out-of-state donors to the tune of $9 million. Hageman could only pull together $1 million from in-state donors, but it tripled what Cheney could raise. 

Cheney’s position on the Jan. 6 committee has had little effect on the irreparable damage already caused by her impeachment vote. She’d already dug that hole too deep to claw her way out of.

Here’s how things have worked out for the 10 Republicans who said yes to impeaching Trump. Four of them abruptly retired rather than face the wrath of their state’s Republican voters.

Two of the 10 still managed to squeak into their respective state’s general election, but three of them got slam-dunked in the primaries the same as Cheney is experiencing.

California and Washington where the two candidates made it through, allow non-partisan voting in their primaries. If a Republican candidate leans far enough to the left they can pick up some conservative Democrat votes, and this is exactly how they won in their respective blue states. But, they have yet to face the general elections.

One can hardly blame Republican voters for wanting to oust the traitors to their own party. By voting to impeach Trump, they turned against the morals and the integrity of what this nation and their party represent.

But there is none guiltier than Wyoming’s Liz Cheney who continues to lead the anti-Republican charge. It’s her stern face that’s being flashed across tv screens from NYC to LA as she sits side-by-side with her Democrat colleagues in crime on the Jan. 6 committee.  

Maybe after the smoke of the elections clears Cheney will reappear on the scene as the Dem she actually is. If she does this, it’ll place Wyoming in a state of emergency from the earthquake caused by her dad rolling over in his grave.