Department of Justice Shows Favoritism By Attacking Donald Trump and Ignoring Hillary Clinton

Evan El-Amin /

The country is looking for answers as to why the Department of Justice showed up at former President Donald Trump’s home and conducted an extensive search of three critical areas of his property. No one understood why dozens of agents trampled around the premises looking for documents that Trump supposedly failed to turn into the National Archive the day he left office.

The witch hunt has called a lot of attention to the ethics behind the Department of Justice’s decision to search Trump’s homes. No other president in history has been treated the way Trump has been since the country was founded. The Democrats have their political motives for invading Trump’s private residence.

According to Fox News, the search and seizure are not even the worst part. The news outlet reported that Trump was singled out and targeted because of his threat to the Democratic Party. The Department of Justice invaded his home while simultaneously refusing to invade Hillary Clinton’s home when she refused to turn over emails related to national security.

The day Trump left office was when he sent 15 boxes of material over to the National Archives and Records Administration. He was told that certain documents belonged to the government and needed to send them back. The former president cooperated and sent back everything that was asked for.

David Ferriero has served as the National Archives and Records Administration director since 2009. Fox News reported that he reported in a letter to the House Oversight Committee leadership that “Because NARA identified classified information in the boxes, NARA staff has been in communication with the Department of Justice.”

Donald Trump sent back the documents he had in his possession, but the Democrats started to believe that he had kept some items back for himself. The DOJ issued a search warrant to try to find what they thought was missing once Trump stopped communicating with them.

Ferriero had a different approach when Hillary Clinton deliberately kept back emails that should have been turned over to the National Archive. He asked if NARA had communicated to the DOJ regarding Clinton’s refusal to turn things over. At the time, Senator Chuck Grassley was in charge of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Fox News Reported that Grassley stated, “The Federal Records Act requires that when a deletion occurs, the head of the agency in question must notify the Archivist, and with the help of the Archivist, initiate an action through the Attorney General for the recovery of those records. Will you now request the Attorney General initiate an action for recovery for the 15 missing emails and potentially other federal records that may have been deleted by Secretary Clinton?”

Grassley wanted to know when the DOJ was asked to issue a search warrant to look for the missing emails. Ferriero’s response at the time was that he believed it was unnecessary to invade Clinton’s private home to look for the emails.

The liberals control the DOJ and refuse to search Clinton’s home because she is one of their own. Ferriero believed it would have been inappropriate to look for the missing emails, so they never pursued the option. But when the time came to take on Donald Trump, the DOJ wasted no time issuing a warrant to search his private home.

The Democrats refuse to hold their people accountable to the same law that everyone else is supposed to obey. And they are willing to do whatever it takes to incriminate everyone who attempts to challenge their authority. The favoritism they showed towards Clinton proves that they viewed the Republicans as their enemy.

President Joe Biden has gone out of his way to turn America into a socialist state where people can no longer defend themselves or express their opinions freely. The liberals have fought hard to censor people and punish those who speak out against the injustices in America. Biden’s goal is to destroy freedom and set his party up to rule America with an iron fist.