Squad Members Come Out Financially Fat as Property Owners

Grossinger / shutterstock.com

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 was a terrible time for every person in America. Business owners were forced to close their doors, and employees were kept from clocking in and earning a paycheck. And the fallout of the pandemic was felt by property owners as they were forced to avoid collecting rent from tenants that could no longer pay their bills. The Democrats promised rental assistance, but that program was nothing more than a way for them to pad their pockets with taxpayer money.

The pandemic should have affected every rental owner the same if their tenants could not pay their bills. But for members of the progressive party, the pandemic was a way they earn thousands of dollars while everyone else lost money.

Progressives Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib are the two socialists who forced their tenants to pay up while they demanded that landlords be forced to cancel the rent debt that mounted up during the pandemic. They wanted people to lose money while, at the same time, they wanted to force payment for themselves.

Fox News reported that “Pressley reported collecting up to $117,500 from renting out four Boston properties in 2021, her newest financial disclosure form shows. Pressley and her husband reported rental income ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 the year prior, meaning she’s collected up to $132,500 in rent during the pandemic.”

The other crime boss Tlaib also was found to have made over $100,000 from her properties. The income was made during the pandemic as each socialist rented out homes and forced people to pay. The hypocrisy of their actions bears fruit as they would stand in Congress and demand that a law be passed that would essentially force landlords to cancel money owed to them from their tenants.

Both women were crying for landlords to keep from collecting rent. Their demands are an example of their beliefs that they should be exempt from having to obey the same standards that everyone else is subjected to. They should have been the first landlords in the country to set the example and cancel rental debt related to the pandemic for their tenants.

Their demands were unreasonable and highly socialistic. The two progressives were joined by the other two squad members when the time came to demand debt cancelation.

Pressley would demand, “We must cancel rent, extend eviction and foreclosure moratoriums, provide rental assistance, and offer legal representation for those at risk of eviction.” She wanted to let people live in homes they were not paying for. And she lied to the people when she included herself in her speech as she pushed for Ilhan Omar’s bill to be passed.

The bill was not well-received and failed to gain the support needed. But after President Joe Biden took over the White House, the nasty progressives tried to bring the bill up again and get it passed. They demanded again that landlords be forced to cancel rental debt and wait for reimbursement from taxpayers.

Pressley argued that the pandemic was worsening and that their bill should be considered for a vote again. She maintained that the bill would keep people safe and keep credit scores from being destroyed. Her pandemic-sized lies were never about keeping safe. It was about forcing people to accept responsibility for bills that were not theirs to pay.

Progressives do not care about helping people. All they want to do is make life miserable for everyone while they rake in the money. They want the power and the right to force people into subjection to their rule.

President Joe Biden is the key ringleader pushing socialist changes in America. He would love to sign a bill to force people to do things they should not have to do. The progressive squad does not care about the people but more about what they can do to improve their lives at everyone else’s expense. America is built on the freedom that people have the right to build a life of happiness without evil people taking things that do not belong to them.