Accusations Fly About How Governor Abbott is Tracking Migrants Shipped to New York City

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Immigration at the southern border has been out of control. Migrants by the thousands skip two-by-two across the border without any thought as to how they’ll claim asylum or how they’ll support themselves. They just assume that if they can get into the U.S., all will be better.

Unfortunately, many who are entering the U.S. don’t qualify for asylum. Yet, the Department of Homeland Security is allowing them to stay anyway.

The federal government doesn’t see a problem. Tens of thousands are entering the United States every day, and Joe Biden turns a blind eye.

Border states like Texas and Arizona are being overwhelmed by the number of migrants. They have tried to claim it as a state of emergency, yet they are continuously denied by the Biden administration.

It’s when Texas governor Greg Abbott decided that it was time to ship some of the problem outside of Texas. Migrants have been shipped off to DC and New York.

Only now, New York is ready to sling accusations about what Abbott is actually doing.

Manuel Castro, the New York City Commissioner of Immigrant Affairs, stated that “Gov. Abbott is bar-coding people and treating them as less than human, as if they were cattle.”

CBS has shown a video of migrants arriving in New York City wearing wristbands that feature bar codes. And NYC officials are pointing the finger at Abbott, saying that he’s dehumanizing the migrants.

But…is he?

A spokesperson for Abbott’s office explained why the bar codes exist. “This process also helps ensure we are only transporting migrants who have been processed and released by the federal government with federal documentation that allows them to move about the country.”

Shouldn’t we be tracking the illegal immigrants that enter our country in some way? Since the federal government wants to allow everyone in without even providing background checks, there should be some kind of tracking system.

New York City doesn’t want to hear the explanations, though. Instead, they want to fearmonger because that is what they excel at.

There have been quite a few buses of migrants arriving in New York City, courtesy of the governors in Texas and Arizona. Oh, and NYC is starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.

NYC mayor Eric Adams even had the audacity to ask for federal assistance. Luckily, he’s been denied. If anyone is able to get federal assistance, it should be Texas and Arizona, since they’ve been begging for something for nearly two years now.

Abbott’s spokesperson dropped the truth bomb that none of the liberals really want to talk about. “Instead of spreading falsehoods and complaining about a few hundred migrants being bused to his sanctuary city, Mayor Adams should call on President Biden to take immediate action to secure the border – something the President continues failing to do.”

What NYC is dealing with in terms of immigration is only a small fraction of what Texas has had to endure. Meanwhile, the border continues to be left unsecured. Is Kamala Harris, the person tasked with doing something about the border crisis, jumping in to help? Nope. It’s as if she’s conveniently forgotten all about the border. Perhaps both she and Biden suffer from dementia.

Adams wants to call for people to vote Abbott out of office. The reality is that Abbott is at least doing something about the border crisis. That’s more than what we can say for the Biden administration, now isn’t it?