One GOP Governor Demands an Apology Out of Biden

Fadziel Nor /

Joe Biden is a man who never accepts the blame. He only wants the credit when things are going right. Well, that’s not the way it works – and one GOP governor is demanding an apology.

Chris Sununu is the Republican Governor of New Hampshire, and he’s demanding that Biden issue an apology after statements that were made recently by Biden.

Exactly what did Biden say and why was it so bad?

Biden decided that he’d compare “Make America Great Again” to “semi-fascism.”

When Sununu was on a recent episode of “State of the Union” with CNN’s Dana Bash, he called the president’s comments “horribly insulting.

The governor went on to explain that “the fact that the president would go out and just insult half of America [and] effectively call half of America semi-fascist” is just another way that Biden wants to create controversy.

Let’s not forget that Biden has claimed that he wants unity – and he’s currently in the process of holding a unity summit.

It’s become clear that Biden is not interested in any kind of unity. Instead, he’ll make extremely divisive remarks and insult half of the Americans across the country. And for what? Sununu has a guess – “He’s trying to stir up this anti-Republican sentiment right before the election.”

Biden attended a fundraising event for the Democratic National Committee last week in Bethesda, Maryland. He said that the U.S. will be seeing the beginning or the end of “an extreme MAGA philosophy.”

Even such comments as these are dangerous. While MAGA is often said as a way to mean the Donald Trump brand of politics, it is simply an abbreviation to mean “Make America Great Again.”

Why is making America great again such a bad thing? Why wouldn’t every American want to make the country they call home great?

President Biden said that it isn’t just about Donald Trump. He goes on to dig his hole by saying “It’s the entire philosophy that underpins the – I’m going to say something, it’s like semi-fascism.”

The real question is whether Biden went off script or if his script writers decided that it was time that Biden start insulting half the country.

Sununu has conceded that white supremacy and fascism do exist in the country. It has always been there, and it will continue to be there. But not all Republicans are fascists in the same way that not all Democrats are communists. But some are – and we have to deal with that.

This isn’t the first time that Biden has said something inappropriate and been asked for an apology. He is showing that he’s just as much to blame for the division in the country as every other loud-mouthed liberal. He went on record for saying that the Supreme Court made a “mistake” when they overturned Roe v. Wade, too – and faced harsh criticism because he was poking holes in the legitimacy of the highest court.

Biden has to remember that he’s not a social justice warrior. He’s not a newbie politician running for office who can say whatever they are thinking. He is the President of the United States of America – and his words matter.

He can’t insult half the country by calling them fascists simply because they believe that MAGA is an important concept. Governor Sununu was right when he said that Biden “owes an apology. That’s not appropriate. That isn’t leadership.”

And we wonder why the Democrats are worried if the House and Senate go red. We could very well see the outing of President Biden simply because he proves that he isn’t a leader.