Crist to Resign as Florida Race Heats Up

Felipe Sanchez /

If you haven’t heard, this is an election year in the United States. And that means, come November, everyone will be heading to the polls to vote in our nation’s congressional members and state leaders. This year that includes a massive percentage of the House of Representatives, as well as a few senators.
Additionally, there are a large number of states with their governors either about to be replaced or up for re-election.

Florida’s now-famous Governor Ron DeSantis is one such individual. He rose to stardom seemingly overnight during the waking hours of the pandemic, as he refused to “follow the science” and lock his state down and shutter doors.

As a result, Florida was one of the first to recover from COVID’s aftermath, both physically and financially. And it’s one of the main reasons his name has floated alongside former President Donald Trump’s to replace Biden.

Naturally, the political left gave him a lot of flack for this, as their approach was pretty much the exact opposite. Since then, he has been a major target for their ire and resentment. Of course, it hasn’t helped that he keeps passing laws that go against their agenda and hurting their bottom dollar.
You know, laws like banning the sexual education of children under third grade. Laws that give parents the right to know what their kids are being taught. And legislation that bans boys from taking over girls’ lockers and bathrooms.

As you can imagine, the Democrats are way past ready to be rid of him.

Chief among them is Democratic Representative from St. Petersburg, Charlie Crist.

Crist has served in our nation’s congress for three terms now but has decided to resign after winning the Democratic primary in the gubernatorial race to claim DeSantis’ seat in the Governor’s mansion.

He won the primary and, therefore, the Democratic nomination last week and so made his announcement to resign on Wednesday, giving him more time and energy to focus on beating DeSantis come November. DeSantis, when running to be Governor in 2018, did the same thing.

However, unlike DeSantis, Crist’s move may be a rather costly one, both for the Democrats and himself.

As you might already know, both US legislative houses sit with a majority that is just barely grasped. In the Senate, the only tie-breaking vote goes to Vice President Kamala Harris. And in the House, just five seats need to be flipped to the GOP to give that party the majority.

And Crist just gave up another one, and in a state that has increasingly turned red since DeSantis has been at the helm. Then again, thanks to the redistricting process, his once safely democratic seat would have likely been lost to the GOP anyway, as Trump would have carried it by 7 points in 2020.

Republican Anna Paulina Luna and Democrat Eric Lynn will now battle for his empty seat.

As for his chances at wresting the governorship from DeSantis, winning the Democratic primary was the easy part.

Now, Crist has run for Governor before and even won. However, it is noted that at the time, he was registered as a Republican, just as he was before that as the state’s attorney general.

Somewhere along the way, Crist’s ideals must have changed, though. In 2010, he decided to run for the US Senate as an Independent. He lost.

A few years later, in 2014, he went even more to the left and tried to run for Governor again, this time as a Democrat. He lost then, too.

Now, he’s apparently going to try again – still as a Democrat. And again, he’s likely to lose, namely, because he is a Democrat. As I mentioned before, the state has become increasingly Republican in recent years, thanks to strong leaders like DeSantis.

Of course, it hasn’t helped that the Democrats, since taking over both legislative houses and the executive branch, have thoroughly made a mess of things. Never has our nation seen a Congress and President so out of touch with the people.

No wonder Americans are choosing Republicans like DeSantis over the poor decisions that are running our country into the ground. And Crist is most certainly a part of that.