Blue Collar Workers Aren’t Happy with Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness

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Those with tens of thousands of dollars are jumping for joy about Biden’s decision to forgive $10,000 of their debt. But what about those who made the decision to NOT take out student loans? Why should some Americans be given $10,000 while others get nothing?

Blue-collar workers are the backbone of America. They attended trade schools instead of colleges and universities. They bought tools instead of tuition – and some of them are still paying off their tools so that they can have what’s needed to do their jobs.

You don’t see Biden offering to give $10,000 toward all of the blue-collar workers out there.

So, with Biden offering student loan forgiveness to those who are in debt for attending college, there’s clearly some favoritism going on. And more blue-collar workers are speaking out. After all, why should they see higher taxes as a result of Biden’s decision?

Pennsylvania ironworkers have been particularly vocal about the issue. Employees at Donsco, Inc. spoke to Fox News. Jim Davis, a supervisor at the plant, said, “It’s not going to affect the people that are here, the people that are actually out doing all the work.” He went on to say that Biden’s only helping those in the bigger cities because that’s what he wants.

Francisco Hernandez is another worker and is also a colon cancer survivor. He was forced out of retirement as a result of the 40-year high inflation. “A lot of those families are rich. They have the money to pay it off, so they get a break and they get to sit on their couch and their kids are stuck with a degree they can’t even use.” He continued by explaining that the rich won’t even be the ones to pay for it all – it will be the hardworking blue-collar men and women like himself.

Biden likes to live in a fantasy world where he believes he’s doing the entire country a favor. When he announced the forgiveness program, he explained it this way. “An entire generation is now saddled with unsustainable debt in exchange for an attempt, at least, at a college degree. That’s what today’s announcement is about. It’s about opportunity. It’s about giving people a fair shot.”

But it’s not fair. And it’s not an entire generation saddled with the debt.

Those who worked hard understood their responsibilities and paid their debts back.

As some of the employees at Donsco pointed out, the company is always hiring. The college kids could easily come to work on their time off and pay the debt back. But they’re not. They’re lazy. And they expect someone else to deal with the student loan debt.

As another employee, Kevin Wasileski pointed out, “I don’t think a plumber should be paying a doctor’s free medical school.”

And he has a point. They all do. Hard-working Americans shouldn’t be paying the debts of millions of Americans who were too lazy to work to get out of their debt – or to pay it off in a timely manner.

Everyone has a choice. They choose to take out student loans or they choose to take a different career route. Those who chose to take out the loans have a responsibility.

We’ll see just how Americans feel about Biden’s decision come November.