COVID Nasal Spray…Coming to a Nostril Near You?

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COVID-19 took over our lives in 2020. And then again in 2021. Here it is 2022 and we’re still hearing about it. Is the coronavirus that put us all in quarantine to “flatten the curve” going to be a part of our everyday lives from here on out? It’s possible.

Just as the flu vaccine can be taken in the form of a nasal spray, a COVID vaccine is being developed to be administered in the same way. It would eliminate needles and make it easier to get the vaccine to more people.

With the ease of administration comes the ability to give the vaccine more frequently – such as once a year. When you sign up to get your flu shot (or spray), you can do the same for COVID.

While we’re not there yet, we may be closer than you’d like to admit. India has already approved its first COVID vaccine in the form of a nasal spray.

Not everyone wants to roll up their sleeves. Some people have a severe aversion to needles. And so, it was only a matter of time before a nasal vaccine was developed. Bharat Biotech is the vaccine firm that created the injectable COVAXIN vaccine for COVID-19. And now their nasal vaccine has recently been authorized by India.

The impressive nasal vaccine is actually a result of a partnership.

Bharat Biotech partnered with Washington University out of St. Louis, MO. The vaccine is known as iNCOVACC. The technology is an adenovirus vector, which induces an immune response. It is similar to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the U.S. and the CanSino vaccine in China.

Bharat Biotech has already announced that the vaccine has been proven effective within its clinical trials and that it will be releasing data in the near future to back up the claims.

Krishna Ella, the chairman of the Indian biotech firm has called the intranasal vaccine technology a “global game changer.”

In a press release from the company, it was boasted that the nasal spray vaccine has “the double benefit of enabling faster development of nasal spray vaccines and easy nasal delivery that enables mass immunization to protect from emerging variants of concern.”

The approval of this nasal spray is one of the largest breakthroughs for intranasal vaccine technology during the COVID pandemic. Some firms have already announced that they have their own COVID nasal spray vaccines, though none are being seen as impressive as what Bharat Biotech has created.

Russia has claimed a spray version of the vaccine, known as the Sputnik V, and that it was the world’s first to get regulatory approval.

Meanwhile, Iran has claimed to distribute over 5 million doses of a nasal spray vaccine that was developed locally.

There are some differences between what’s on the market and what could soon be released. Non-injectable technology is certainly taking center stage as many countries look to figure out how to march forward with COVID.

The Bharat Biotech vaccine is sniffed through the nose. The CanSino one from China has to be inhaled through the mouth.

Scientists around the globe are optimistic about what is being released. It is also showing that nasal sprays and inhaled vaccines are actually more effective than injectable vaccines when it comes to fighting coronaviruses. Apparently, if the vaccine enters the body directly through the nose and mouth, it has better efficacy.

This could definitely change the way people view vaccines. Is sniffing a vaccine better than having one jabbed into your arm?