Manchin’s Deal Is Too Much for Democrats To Swallow

Sheila Fitzgerald /

The Democrats continue to sit in gridlock panic as Senator Joe Manchin continues his hold out of supporting President Biden’s legislative endeavors to socialize America. The president needed to cut a deal with Manchin to get his viral package approved. And the best way to get a deal was to let the opposing party come up with the details and silently agree to sign the package when the time came.

Joe Manchin refused to sign Biden’s legislation because of the secret parts of the bill that would have transformed America into a socialist dictatorship. But Manchin’s focus was to help the people that elected him to office. The people he represents depend heavily on domestic energy production and the ability to move the resources to market to make a living.

Joe Biden took the time to strangle all energy production efforts and new efforts to move oil to market because he believed that pipelines and oil drilling would kill off the environment and destroy the world. The truth behind his efforts was nothing more to appease the progressives secretly pulling the strings behind his presidency.

Manchin claims that he has secured an agreement from the president and other key Democrats to accept the deal that would allow him to sign onto the president’s legislative agenda. The senator’s deal calls for Biden to allow the construction of ways to move domestic energy production.

But there are other Democrats that are standing against Manchin’s proposal because they have been brainwashed to believe that domestic energy is evil and should not be allowed to flourish. They are unwilling to sign onto Manchin’s deal, meaning the president’s plan stands in peril.

The Associated Press reported, “The fissure could complicate the party’s efforts to keep the focus on this summer’s major legislative victories going into the November midterm elections, which will determine which party controls the House and Senate. More immediately, the divide is testing the ability of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to keep enough Democrats in line to avoid a partial government shutdown at the end of the month.”

Manchin’s vote is vital to keep the liberal agenda moving forward. The Democrats are proving to be their own worst enemy. They cannot get their act together enough to pass legislation, let alone avoid a government shutdown.

Supporters and those against Manchin’s deal are all circulating their concerns with his deal. Those that support his deal believe that the construction of energy transportation methods would ultimately be good for renewable energy sources. But those that stand against the deal continue to believe that it will just destroy the world.

Brian Schatz represents people in Hawaii. He maintains and promotes that moving forward with the deal would promote adherence to current environmental laws. The Associated Press reported that he stated, “In order to do that, we’re going to run into the same regulations that have stopped bad projects for a number of years. If we’re going to actually meet our clean energy goals, we’re going to need to build big planet-saving projects, and that means the federal regulations that slow them down have to be looked at very carefully.”

Schatz went on to state that he hated the proposed pipeline idea from Manchin. But he also mentioned that he believes that there are other issues that the planet is facing that require more immediate attention.

The progressive Democratic agenda wants to eliminate the current production of energy gained from oil drilling and other sources. They want to invest in clean wind energy and solar power to replace the current energy structure in America.

The problem with their idea is that they do not want to phase in the energy methods while at the same time transitioning away from current energy production methods. A rapid move would destroy the country, and Joe Manchin sees the issue and works to keep it from happening.

Joe Biden is only willing to accept the deal to push his agenda through Congress. But his other supporters are set to stab him in the back to keep a new pipeline from being constructed.