Glenn Youngkin Could Be in the 2024 Presidential Race, According to Trump

Chirag Nagpal /

You may have heard more about Glenn Youngkin over the past several weeks than you did throughout his entire gubernatorial campaign. He hasn’t even been the governor of Virginia for a full year. And yet, that hasn’t stopped him from considering a 2024 presidential bid.

Now, it’s too soon to make any announcements. Even Mike Pence hasn’t “officially” said that he’s running.

If Youngkin is going to run, that’s between him and his campaign manager. However, he’s been traveling out of state to support a number of other candidates. And that kind of behavior is usually only typical for someone who is going to be running for a bigger office at some point. You know, like president.
Donald Trump believes that Youngkin could be a contender, too.

And why is this a concern? Well, if Trump is going to run for president in 2024, he has to know who he’s up against. And on Trump’s Truth Social account, he recently posted the results of a Roanoke College poll that showed who might win in Virginia. Surprise: It showed that Trump would win.

Trump also has said that he helped Youngkin get elected “big time” even though the press refuses to acknowledge it. Let’s stop here for a moment. Did Trump ever endorse Youngkin? No. Did Trump campaign for Youngkin? Again, no. The only way that Trump could take credit for helping Youngkin get elected is by not saying anything and letting the man stand on his own two feet.

As Cardinal News reported, Youngkin won with the Republican vote and allowed him to “restore the Republican vote in Virginia’s suburbs to pre-Trumpian levels.”
It’s clear that Youngkin is a threat to Trump. As is Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida. And Axios, a website that is commonly exploring who is running against who in politics, has said that the two governors are “two of the biggest names in Republican politics.”

It’s interesting to see both Youngkin and DeSantis move forward as they both are potential candidates in 2024 for the Republican primaries. Their campaigning is taking very different approaches.

Youngkin is steering clear of all of the MAGA-oriented candidates. Meanwhile, DeSantis seems to thrive on supporting some of the more controversial candidates.
That doesn’t mean that Youngkin isn’t avoiding all controversy, however.

Many wondered why the man was going to Maine to campaign for Paul LePage, the former governor who wants to make a comeback. Maine isn’t exactly next door to Virginia, so this is why many assume that Youngkin will eventually make a play for president. Get all the eyes he can on himself early on.

There’s just one problem with supporting LePage – and it comes from Virginia’s House Minority Leader, a Democrat by the name of Don Scott. “There’s no other way around it, Governor Youngkin is defending an unabashed racist.”

If you’re not familiar with the stories, LePage has made a number of colorful and inflammatory comments over the years, many of which are tinged with racism.
So, if Youngkin is a contender for 2024, he’s just as controversial as all of the other candidates. He may not be an in-your-face MAGA supporter, but he’s not exactly a Boy Scout, either.

There are a lot of Republicans who could be battling in the primaries during the 2024 presidential election. It may even start to look like 2020’s Democratic primaries.

One thing we know for sure – Trump is treating Youngkin like a contender, but it doesn’t look as though Youngkin would stand a chance if Trump throws his hat in the ring for sure.

We’ll just wait and see what happens. No matter what, things will definitely get interesting.