Biden Makes His Latest “Gee Ya Don’t Say” Prediction, This Time About the Midterm Elections

Gints Ivuskans /

Before he became President, Joe Biden had a bunch of moments where he delivered quotes and statements that left everyone in attendance absolutely dumbfounded at the sheer stupidity that came out of his mouth. Since becoming President, it seems like every time he goes to speak, something equally as moronic is uttered. This characteristic might be expected in a dementia patient, or cute in a young child, but the President should be doing better in this department.

While the left loves riding on the few poorly phrased moments of Trump’s presidency, it totals up to a movie trailer’s length at most. Biden, on the other hand, already has a full motion picture of these moments and it’s not even halfway through his first term as President. The way these moments are stacking up is incredible, and his latest is one of the best “Gee ya don’t say” statements of stupidity.

Speaking before a Democratic National Committee fundraising event in Boston, Biden went on to complain about what might be. “We need to control the House and the Senate to win the race up and down the ticket. If we lose the House or lose the Senate, it’s going to be a really difficult two years. I’ll be spending more time in the veto, being able to get anything done.”

He reminded people in attendance that not all hope was lost with him. “I genuinely am more optimistic about the prospects for America, not because I’m president, because of the nature of where we are as a country.”

The fact of the matter is, that he hasn’t been able to get it done with both of those things over the last two years. “In the veto” or not, this man has been incapable of running our country, even by the standards of the left. He has been unable to change things up, or even implement much of his own plans. Instead, it just has been one failure after another.

He, then, went on to start attacking the Supreme Court and its Roe v. Wade decision. He launched into a tirade about supporting the codification of abortion rights and claimed that Republicans would instead codify the Supreme Court’s decision to make it illegal. He then followed this up by claiming “And mark my words, you’re gonna see a move on other privacy issues from contraception to marriage, a whole range of things.”

These bold statements from President Biden show that he doesn’t have his finger on the pulse of America and that his own pulse must be getting rather weak at this point. The American people want the right to choose. They are deciding at the state and local level if they want to choose it in their communities or not. Many states have made this decision. It’s not a hard concept to get behind.

While his abortion views and how he contorts them to fit his agenda are troubling, it is his position of needing a blue wave to keep the House and Senate that is the most laughable. He says this as if the second half of his presidency is where he’ll suddenly be able to do so much more than he does now. His policies and ideas have been failing, and will only continue to fail no matter who is filling those seats.

Instead of focusing on these people as if they are at fault for his failed bills, he should perhaps instead focus on making the bills more palpable to the American people. It took a massive dive in the polls before he even considered student loan forgiveness. A project that he ran his election ticket on. He has since forgotten legalizing cannabis, yet another failed campaign promise. Instead, all he has done is tried to force total green energy on Americans. Something that nobody is ready for yet as states like California and Texas have proven.