Americans Take Great Steps To Save Money As Inflation Problems Mount

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The American people are under attack from an enemy that should be an ally. President Joe Biden declared war on the American way of life when they viciously attacked the cost of living and the inflation rate. The liberal president has caused prices to soar and the inflation rate to climb to record levels. And that is having a dramatic impact on the way people live and the choices they are making to pay their bills.

Every person’s shock is that people are getting a lot less product for more money. People are paying more for groceries than they used to pay just a year ago.
Consumer Susan Morrison revealed that she recently bought a new refrigerator. To her shock, the device was smaller than the old one but cost significantly more.

The sad reality is the environment that President Joe Biden promotes from Washington is far different than what reality dictates. The old man boasts of a strong job market and record-level unemployment, but the truth is that all those benefits are taken away by the massive amount of money they have to pay just to put food on the table.

According to government data released this past week, consumer prices across the board rose 8.3% in August from a year earlier. WEKU News reported, “Most blame the worst inflation the United States has seen in four decades. Price increases in some areas were even steeper.”

Morrison’s issue with the higher prices is that her income is fixed since she and her husband are both retired. Biden’s terrible economy has led the way to a lousy stock market, drastically impacting retired people.

Retired people are facing a double whammy in Biden’s world. They are losing money as stock prices drop, and they have to pay more for consumables. It is a no-win situation for many of them. Retirees must devise creative ways to keep the fragile financial balance from crashing down.

Gas prices remain at record levels, and people are unwilling to pay extra for every mile they put on their vehicles. One way that people are trying to cut back is by staying home more. People that love to travel are parking their motorhomes and opting for a vacation at home.

People who volunteer are not reporting for duty because they can no longer afford the drive, or they have had to take a second job to make ends meet. The time comes at a premium, and people have to spend more of it working to pay the bills.

Morrison said, “We love to vacation in our motor home. But we have not gone anywhere in our motor home this year because of the cost of diesel.”

Joe Biden is facing criticism from Republican and Democrat leaders over how he ignores the economy. Several key Democrats have joined Republicans in voicing their disapproval of the high gas prices. They have demanded that Biden allow domestic drilling and for new pipeline projects to start. But so far, their demands have fallen on deaf ears.

Another way that people are cutting back is by not eating out as much as they are used to. Craig Barnes is an energy broker who works out of Plano, Texas. WEKU News reported him saying, “I mean when you try to buy a steak, for Chrissakes. It has a big impact, especially in my business. When I’m taking people out and stuff like that, we’re not going to steakhouses anymore. We’re dialing it back big time.”

Restaurant owners and workers continue to feel the blunt end of the Biden sword. People are not just eating out less but also tipping less. Servers depend on tips to help supplement their wages. People who do not tip generously take a pay cut while working. And as long as Joe Biden sits in the White House, it will get worse for all Americans.