DeSantis MAY Get Charged with Human Trafficking Over Migrant Bus Stunt

Yury Zap /

This is clearly a case of Biden and the rest of the Democrats saying “do as I say, not as I do.”

Busing migrants all over the country isn’t anything new. Biden’s been doing it as a way to help with the overcrowding at the border. He even sent several planes worth of migrants over to Florida in the middle of the night without even bothering to inform Governor DeSantis.

Yet, when DeSantis turns around and does the same thing with the illegal migrants in his state, a politician wants to discuss the possibility of charging him with human trafficking.

This is a joke…right?

First of all, let’s be clear on what the definition of human trafficking is from Oxford Dictionary: “The unlawful act of transporting or coercing people in order to benefit from their work or service, typically in the form of forced labor or sexual exploitation.”

DeSantis is not benefiting from the work or service of the illegal migrants. He is not forcing them into any kind of labor and is not sexually exploiting them.
Now, human traffickers at the border are most certainly guilty of this because they are making money for transporting the people – and many who are trafficked will be forced into some kind of labor once they arrive in the country.

Massachusetts state Representative Dylan Fernandes (D) represents the area that includes Martha’s Vineyard. He is now calling for a federal investigation into how DeSantis relocated migrants to the island.

Fernandes tweeted that “Not only is it morally criminal, there are legal implications around fraud, kidnapping, deprivation of liberty, and human trafficking.”
There was no fraud. It’s not kidnapping, and there is no human trafficking.

But, sometimes, there is no talking sense into Democrats who are hell-bent on making life easier for themselves without listening to sound reason.

Fernandes has reached out to U.S. Attorney Rachel Rollins to see if there was a case – and she has pushed the Justice Department to get some kind of response.
One of the reasons why DeSantis chose to send the migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is because they are a sanctuary city. They have actually claimed that they WANT migrants to settle there.

Here’s the thing. The migrants aren’t there anymore. They’ve been shipped off to Joint Base Cape Cod.

Wow. If only Texas, Arizona, and Florida could do that with all of the tens of thousands of migrants they’re dealing with.

DeSantis pointed out the hypocrisy by making the comment, “They said we want everyone, no one’s illegal, and they’re gone within 48 hours.”

Governors Abbott, Ducey, and DeSantis have all had to get creative to deal with the massive amount of illegal migration they’ve had to deal with. And busing and flying migrants to the Dem-run cities is a great way to shine a spotlight on what’s going on.

The goal is not to stick Democratic cities with the problem. It’s to raise awareness that there have to be more immigration policy changes in Washington.

If we are the UNITED States of America, we have to be united on this issue. Three states shouldn’t bear the full burden – especially when there are hundreds of thousands of illegals being allowed through the southern border each and every month.

The Democrats don’t want to deal with it. They’d rather find a way to punish DeSantis and the other two governors than actually solve the problem of illegal immigration. Now, we wait to see what the Department of Justice is going to do about the “complaints” from Massachusetts.