McConnell Green Lights the Migrant Bus Schemes

Christopher Halloran /

Mitch McConnell has to answer for some of the GOP governors who have been sending buses of migrants to Democratic cities. It started with Governor Abbott of Texas. And since that first bus, more have been sent by Doug Ducey of Arizona and Ron DeSantis of Florida.

So, is McConnell going to tell them to knock it off or encourage it a bit more?

If you guessed the latter, you’d be correct.

The Senate Minority Leader from Kentucky spoke on the Senate floor to say, “Out of desperation, a few governors along our southern border are now giving some Democrat-run states and cities just a tiny, tiny taste of what border communities have been enduring, literally, for years.”

And that’s exactly what the GOP governors are doing – offering a tiny taste of what is really going on.

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to illegal immigration when it’s not affecting you.

The governors have tried everything to get the attention of the Biden administration. Using buses and charter planes to get migrants to Democrat-led cities is a final cry for help.

McConnell pointed out the hard truth of what the Democratic cities are dealing with. They’ve had months to accept what one day’s worth of illegal immigration looks like – and that is spread out across five cities.

The mayor of NYC has the audacity to say that his resources are “at a breaking point.” McConnell pokes fun by saying “the self-proclaimed sanctuary city apparently cannot take it.”

And if NYC cannot take it, what do the Democrats think the border cities are capable of taking since they have been repeatedly overwhelmed by illegal migrants day after day, month after month, since the moment that Joe Biden stepped foot into the Oval Office?

Governors of Texas, Arizona, and Florida have requested federal assistance to deal with the illegal immigration only for it to be repeatedly denied.
Mayor Adams of NYC and Mayor Bowser of DC have both requested federal assistance.

NYC and DC are both sanctuary cities – identified because they won’t necessarily cooperate with the federal government to enforce immigration laws. Yet, now, they want the help of the federal government to help with immigration.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

DeSantis sent a small number of migrants to what McConnell calls “the wealthy liberal destination of Martha’s Vineyard.” Turns out, the migrants were shipped to a military base within 24 hours of landing there.

McConnell is standing his ground to support the actions taken by the Republican governors.

Truly, what other choice did they have? They cannot continue to provide the necessary support – and it is a drain on the state’s resources that are supposed to be used for everyone. More specifically, the resources are there for Americans.

Biden has taken a “migrant first” stance which means that Americans are no longer the top priority – and it shows. However, he’s allowed all of these migrants into the country without any kind of plan as to how to support them.

The Republicans want to know the plan. They want to see some support. And they need to see it soon. Otherwise, you can expect to hear about more and more buses being shipped to liberal cities. Perhaps if a few buses get routed over to Delaware when Biden is on vacation, he’ll finally take notice. We’re sure that Abbott or DeSantis is already scheduling that bus route as we write this.