Joe Biden Is In for a Rude Wake Up Call if He Thinks He Can Take On Ron DeSantis

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President Joe Biden does not know what it will take for his party to retain control of the government. The old man thinks he will face off against the powerful Republican in the coming months. His primary focus is to take a trip to the state of Florida and try to stage a rally with the plan of blasting Governor Ron DeSantis.

Ron DeSantis has proven through his actions that he is a significant contender for the upcoming 2024 presidential election. The Floridian governor kept the state free from federal COVID-19 mandates and has kept the liberals from overrunning the state with their liberal ideology and woke mentality.

The Democratic president is stunned over DeSantis’s success for the past two years. He sees the government as enough threat that he feels the need to travel south to the Sunshine State. The president feels the threat is high enough to Trump on all the other issues he should be working on.

Jennifer Holdsworth is a Democratic political consultant. Her adverse opinion comes out as she states, “I think people are going to look for him to be aggressive. What DeSantis is doing is a horrible thing. And there is no greater juxtaposition than the kindness and humanity of Joe Biden than the, you know, awful, inhumane, bully Ron DeSantis,” as reported by Reuters.

Biden’s primary purpose is to try to bully DeSantis as he tries to set the tone for another run for the White House. He wants to paint the Republican Party as a terrorist organization to overthrow democracy. His followers are also ticked off that the Roe v. Wade case was overturned, and the states now have the option to choose what is best for the people.

The president thinks he will somehow go to bully DeSantis and have enough ammunition to beat him down. But his track record is not the best. The governor has had a tremendous success rate over the past two years. But for Biden, all he has is failed policies and higher prices to deal with.

Most people cannot stand to watch the president on television, let alone see him in person. Evan Power is the chair of the Leon County Republican Party. Reuters reported that he believes that the more Biden travels to the state, the stronger the Republican Party will get.

The Democrats cry and complain that DeSantis tells the truth behind Biden’s failed policies. They think he is a bully simply picking on an old man. But the damage done to Biden has not been by the hand of the governor but rather by Biden himself.

The significant part about Biden’s visit to Florida is watching all the other Democrats try and ignore his presence. Many liberals competing for office believe that his presence will be more of a problem than a help to their campaigns.

Reuters reported that Val Demings, who is trying to win a senate seat, made excuses as to why she would not attend the event. She cannot stand to associate with the man.

Charlie Crist is a liberal trying to compete with Ron DeSantis for the governor’s office. He stated that “I think he’s great. I think he’s doing a great job. He’s my friend. And I’m very proud of him. And he will give our campaign a real shot in the arm.” The only shot they will get is a lethal injection in the arm. The old man is not as famous as the blind Democrats think.

Crist thinks that the president will be a light to a darkened state. But the truth is that people have been living in the light of freedom because of DeSantis and what he has done for the state. The old man can do nothing to make anything better in Florida. His presence will only make things worse for everyone.