Republicans Dream of Priorities If They Gain the House Majority

Andrea Izzotti /

We’ve been hearing about the red wave ripping through liberal cities from coast to coast. As the midterms approach, it’s very likely that the Republicans will take back the majority in the House.

It’s not even a secret attack at this point. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is even preparing for her next move – and that’s likely a move to Italy so that she can become a U.S. ambassador. All she has to do is ask Joe Biden for the position. It’s been kept vacant so that she can just slip right into it.

So, if the predictions come true, what will happen once the Republicans take the House?

There are a few priorities being discussed.

First, it’s assumed that Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) who is currently the Minority Leader will become the House Speaker. It’s a position he’s been primed for – and many are eager to support his move into the leadership role.

McCarthy along with over two dozen House GOP members unveiled their proposed policy and messaging priorities for the next Congress with the assumption that they’ll have the majority.

The colleagues to join McCarthy covered a wide range of ideologies – Freedom Caucus firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and moderate Governance Group Chairman David Joyce (R-OH) were just a few in attendance. All gathered at a warehouse for an HVAC company for the rollout event just outside of Pittsburgh.

There were over 150 from the general public in attendance, ranging from business owners to activists to concerned parents. And of course, news cameras and reporters were catching it all, too.

Members of the House spoke about the “Commitment to America” and answered some questions.

Most of what was shared is fairly vague. There were vows to “protect the lives of unborn children and their mothers” along with “curb wasteful government spending.” How they plan to do that was not discussed, however.

There are five main things that the Republicans have their eyes on:
1. Aim at the IRS. McCarthy is interested in reversing the segment of the Inflation Reduction Act that would repeal 87,000 IRS agents.

2. Begin investigating. They have a number of investigations that they want to investigate that focus on “rigorous oversight to rein in government abuse of power and corruption.” This includes everything from COVID origins to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

3. Focus on school culture wars. They want to eliminate a lot of the “woke” curriculum and ensure that sex is based on the reproductive biology and genetics that take place at birth.

4. Emphasize Domestic gas and energy production. There’s the desire to bring energy production back to the U.S., which will not only lower fuel prices but also increase jobs for Americans.

5. Examine local crime policies. High crime rates have been plaguing the nation, and Republicans want to look at ways to establish recruiting and retention bonuses so that police departments have the ability to keep communities safe.

Most Americans can look at this list and agree that these things are important. It is what can help to get the U.S. back on track to reduce crime and ensure that the economy is secure for future generations.

This list is released just in time for the upcoming midterm elections, too. Now that everyone can see what the priorities of a Republican-led House will look like, it can help to ensure the votes fall where they need to fall.