Migrants Approve of Ron DeSantis and the Way He Bussed Illegals to Martha’s Vineyard

gguy / shutterstock.com

The Democrats want nothing more than for people to think that all migrant people are going to vote for liberal candidates in upcoming elections. They believe those who fled communism and socialism will be quick to embrace the horrors of what they left behind. The truth is that people that came to America to escape the horrors of dictatorship rule are not willing to live under those conditions.

The Hispanic community in Florida has come out and let Governor Ron DeSantis know that they approve of his deporting illegals to Martha’s Vineyard. The embarrassing media has told the narrative that people are not supportive of the governor’s actions. But testimony reveals that the population loves what DeSantis has done.

Jorge Bonilla is the director of Media Research Center Latino. Fox News reported that he thinks the media coverage of the governor’s actions is biased and fabricated around a big lie.

Bonilla stated, “There are some who are speculating, openly speculating in media, that this is somehow going to be an issue in the Florida gubernatorial election. I am here to disabuse everybody of that notion and to disavow that. I’m here to tell you right now… Martha’s Vineyard is not going to be dispositive in the 2022 Florida gubernatorial election.”

The Democrats are telling the nation that DeSantis’ move has hurt him in the upcoming governor’s race. But with the Hispanic population predominantly supporting the man, his race for office puts him well ahead of the competition.

Bonilla said, “It is not dispositive for the 2022 Florida gubernatorial election, no matter how hard the media try to make it into a thing. It’s not going to be a thing, and I know that there’s items out there. I know there’s coverage of this out there, but a lot of that is unfairly framed. It’s dishonestly framed. It’s politically framed. This is a pure political exercise.”

The liberal media wants to call attention away from the fact that Joe Biden is sending illegals into the heartland to try and change up the political landscape.

They want to flood Republican-run states with as many illegals as they can so that at some point in the future, they can give them illegal voting rights and secure liberal victories throughout the nation.

The Democrats do not like DeSantis’s move to share the burden of caring for all the illegals because he sent them to an area full of wealthy Democrats. The point he makes is that the liberals claim to care about illegals, but their actions tell a different story.

The moment that the illegals showed up at Martha’s Vineyard was the moment that they were sent south to a different location. The liberals could not stand having migrants knocking on their doors and messing up their landscape views.

Fox News revealed that Bonilla is pointing out that Hispanics are more worried about the high prices and the lies that the liberals want to force people to digest in the school system. Many of these people live by the day, and the high prices force them to adapt their living standards to meet ends.

They are sick and tired of a clueless president trying to turn America into a place where socialism takes from the people and gives everything to the lazy liberals. Many within the Hispanic communities left places dominated by liberal greed, and they are not willing to vote or support any person who wants to support socialism.

Joe Biden and his administration have failed the people and turned their backs on freedom. The president opened the country to harm by opening the southern border and allowing illegals to flood the countryside.

No amount of liberal propaganda will change the fact that the Hispanic community supports Governor Ron DeSantis. He has done more to protect and help the migrant communities in Florida than any other person. And that is why they will vote for him in the upcoming election.