The White House is Left Trying to Explain Biden’s Verbal Diarrhea Yet Again

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There are so many gaffes coming out of President Biden’s mouth that it’s hard to keep up. No matter how obvious it becomes that Biden needs to succumb to a mental health test, the White House just pushes back. They’re content to keep covering for him.

And now, we’re left with the White House explaining what Biden was talking about – again.

President Biden attended an event and kept asking “Where’s Jackie?” He was looking for Indiana congresswoman Jackie Walorski in the crowd – the same congresswoman who is deceased.

If President Biden didn’t have dementia, he would know that she’s deceased and wouldn’t be asking for her. Yet, he does – and the White House still refuses to simply push forward with a mental acuity test.

The reason for not wanting him to take the test is simple – they’ll know he’d fail. Otherwise, why not just have him take the test so that he can prove everyone wrong?

Reporters demanded to know what is going on with Biden. And Karine Jean-Pierre didn’t really have much of an explanation.

The question came up repeatedly to find out why Biden thought Walorski was alive and in the crowd. Jean-Pierre claimed 14 times that Biden wasn’t confused. Instead, she said that he had her on “the top of mind” because he would be meeting with her family later in the week.

She refused to acknowledge that Biden made a major misstep.

One White House reporter spoke to Fox News Digital and explained, “I have no idea why senior communications officials tried to defend Biden’s inexcusable comment, but if you acknowledge one slip, it validates the rest of questionable moments this president has had.”

Another White House reporter made the comment that it wasn’t the gaffe that was the biggest issue – it was the constant insistence that he hadn’t made one. They should have simply acknowledged his mistake and moved on. The reporter went on to say, “When you see that cascade effect, that shows reporters are onto something.”

Jean-Pierre’s explanation doesn’t track. She says that she answered everyone’s question about the congresswoman being at the top of the president’s mind. Sure. You might mention her name, but you’re most certainly not going to look for her in a crowd.

During the event, Biden can be heard saying, “Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie? She must not be here.”

That’s confusion. That’s dementia. That’s not simply mentioning a person’s name because they are at the top of their mind.

Biden will be turning 80 next month – and he was already the oldest president in U.S. history. It’s understandable if he does have dementia. The older you get, the more forgetful you get. No one is trying to make light of that situation. However, it is a dangerous situation for the country if the president is incapable of doing his job. If he’s not running the show, who is?

That’s really the big question. Is Biden leading the administration or is there someone pulling the puppet strings behind him? Either way, it’s not a good scene. If he’s leading, then he should succumb to a mental acuity test. If he’s not leading, then we’re not dealing with a true democracy – and it’s time to use the 25th amendment so that we can see him out of the White House once and for all.

One journalist made the comment that “These moments of confusion are happening with increasing frequency. Americans are watching this and are having concerns.”
Oh, we’re definitely having concerns, especially when the White House press secretary fails to even acknowledge a problem.

As the gaffes continue, how bad will they have to get before the White House has no choice but to admit that Biden’s mentally unfit to continue as president?