A Deported Sexual Predator Gets Arrested? No Way!

iQoncept / shutterstock.com

The immigration system in the United States is completely broken. In the past, someone who was deported back to their home country was forced to stay there. If they had tried to cross over again, they would be told “no.”

That’s not the way that it works under the Biden administration.

Now, masses of illegal immigrants can cross the border. Some are caught and some aren’t. And even those who are caught are usually allowed to stay – at least until their “asylum” paperwork can be processed.

There’s a problem with the lax immigration, though. Deported sexual predators are lurking in almost every major city. It means that American citizens aren’t safe, and there’s no telling when such a predator is going to strike.

A man by the name of Jose Ricardo Zamora Ibarra has been sentenced to 15 years in prison as a result of child pornography charges.

This could have all been avoided because he was deported in 2020 after being registered as a sex offender and being charged with sexual assault of a child in 2019.

Ibarra entered the country illegally in March 2021 and has been living in South Texas.

If the border were doing what it should have been doing, there’s no way that Ibarra would have been allowed to re-enter the country. But while Harris is still sitting on her backside in DC trying to figure out the root cause of illegal immigration, people like Ibarra are walking into the U.S. whether they are technically allowed to do so or not.

There were a few encounters with Ibarra – that that included when agents from the U.S. Homeland Security Investigations found him in June of last year. They found out he was in the country illegally.

Federal prosecutors searched a laptop to find that, and an external memory drive filled with videos and photos of prepubescent children that he’s been collecting. And according to the U.S. Attorney’s office, he even admitted to downloading over 250 photos and videos of child porn.

With child porn usually comes child sexual assault. And considering that Ibarra landed on the sex offender list when he was in Texas last, it’s clear that he already has such tendencies.

Whether he acted on any of those while in Texas during his most recent visit, there’s no telling. Right now, he’s only dealing with charges of possessing child pornography. Oh, and entering the country illegally.

A U.S. District Judge by the name of Randy Crane in McAllen, Texas has issued a 180-month sentence. He will also face deportation once again – but who knows if it will stick this time.

The last time he was sentenced, he didn’t finish out his sentencing. Instead, he was simply deported – and that led to the justice system dealing with him all over again.

It would be easy to say, “GOT HIM” and think that the area is a safer place. But that’s not really true. DHS Secretary Mayorkas is all in favor of letting immigrants enter the U.S. And if they’ve been deported in the past, he assumes they will be caught. Yet, there have been countless stories to prove that he’s wrong.

Maybe if we can get a Republican in the White House, we’ll be able to secure the borders so that we don’t have to worry about previously deported sexual predators roaming our communities.