As Islam and Atheism Continue Rising in the US, Christianity Is Rapidly Declining…Hold On to Your Head

Andrew Angelov /

With 2.382 billion followers or, 31.11% of the world population, Christianity remains the world’s largest religion. Islam comes in as a close second at 24.9% or, 1.907 billion followers. Oddly, atheism comes in third with 1.193 billion world citizens who follow no spiritual being whomsoever. Running fourth and fifth comes Hinduism at 1.161 billion, and Buddhism at 506 million. Then come the estimated 3,996 other recognized world religions.

An estimated 210 million Christians reside in the US, which equates to roughly 66% of the nation’s current population. This figure is 12% lower than a decade ago and it continues to decline at a much more rapid rate now than it did then.

There are currently 4.4 million followers of Islam residing in the U.S. and this figure is projected to double over the next 2 decades as America’s growing liberal population continues kicking Jesus and his Apostles to the curb.

Given the violent nature of various world religions, and in particular Islam, the forecast for the US is bleak. As history has proven time and again, sword swinging, suicide bombing, plane crashing Muslims have no “Golden Rule.” They do unto others any way they see fit.

Religions outside of the realm of Christianity as it’s commonly practiced, use their faiths to justify abuse and discrimination in the most atrocious ways. In 2014, Daesh rained its fury down on Yazidis, Christians, and other minority religions in Iraq that refused to bow to Allah in the same manner as them.

Even to this day, the fate of well over 2,700 women and children is unknown. They were either butchered or made slaves. The youngest children were undoubtedly brainwashed and raised in the ways of Islam. They were also undoubtedly taught to hate everything even remotely associated with America.

The US alone houses over 200 denominations of Christianity, all believing different things in different ways from the same identical book. Globally, there exist over a staggering 45,000 distinct denominations. Yet, although they may disagree on particular interpretations, no one is killed over the disagreements in scripture.

However, since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, the Hazara Shias who study the identical Torah, have been subjected to targeted attacks as many of their places of worship and their schools have been blown to smithereens. Most times the buildings were occupied.

Let’s look at China that’s officially an atheist state. Several religious practices are recognized, but the Chinese government encourages its citizens to treat them all as bunk. They don’t recognize Islam. In a role reversal-type scenario, China has used its atheism as justification to enslave thousands of Uyghur Muslims living on its turf.

If the sands of time continue flowing like it is, by the year 2070, it’s estimated that Christianity will drop into the 40 percentile in the US, as other faiths, as well as atheism, continue to rise in popularity.

Liberals took prayer out of schools. They insist on no correlation between church and state. God is not to be considered when dictating the laws of this land. Do you see where this is going?

Ironically, liberals are blinded to the fact that as they allow Christianity to die a slow death, they’re putting their own selves in danger as they casually watch Islam, and atheism, in this country continue to rise. Muslims don’t like atheists any more than they care for Christians, so, goodbye head…

This is all fact, but is the trend reversible? It could be, but it’s going to take a conservative Christian landslide at the polls. It’s going to require true patriots who still adhere to the values this nation was founded on to put this land we still love back on its proper axis.

We can make this country great again, but it’ll require you, and you, and you… Vote like there’s no tomorrow, or there may not be.