S. Korea Tells N. Korea They Can F*** Around and Find Out

Norman Chan / shutterstock.com

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol has been a complete change for the South Korean people. They no longer have a leader who is content to let North Korea do what they want while telling them to stop. Yoon has no tolerance for the hermit regime’s taunting and rhetoric. Instead, he is more than happy to let Kim Jung-Un simply f*** around and find out exactly what South Korea is capable of.

North Korea has undertaken two weeks of inconsistent weapons testing, sending nuclear-capable missiles across northern Japan, and sending up warplanes and other assets designed for attacking South Korea, Japan, and the US. This is a clear message that not only are they ready to attack, but should they see something Kim determines is a provocation, they are likely to fire first. Recently, Kim told the N. Korean state-run media that he is not only nuclear-capable but willing to make the first move.

Hearing this news, and seeing his latest provocations, Yoon has had the military in S. Korea on higher alert than usual. The area has always been under a layer of tension as they are in a cease-fire, and not technically out of war at this point. However, he has done his best to keep the people of S. Korea calm, as this isn’t something unusual from the North.

Speaking with reporters at his office in Seoul, Yoon warned them of the danger. “North Korea has been consistently developing and advancing nuclear weapons capabilities and is now threatening not only (South Korea) but the entire world, but I think there is nothing North Korea could gain through nuclear bombs.” Then speaking directly to the people of South Korea, he implored that they “not worry too much and do your best with economic activities and livelihoods.”

Countries and organizations outside of N. Korea have been increasingly worried about how the nation would react should they feel threatened or disrespected. N. Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-Un’s sister has been especially vocal about what is potentially coming. “If the data and flight trajectory (of the missiles) are known, (South Korea) will be so bewildered and afraid.”

With a new type of intermediate ballistic missile that traveled about 4,500 kilometers (2,800 miles), they now can hit Guam with reasonable certainty. Experts fear that they could have their eyes set on a further target like Alaska or Hawaii. With a missing reservoir-launched missile from the government reports of the previous 7 missile launches, it leaves much to be concerned about.

This new system has a lot of unknowns to it, especially its capabilities on a submarine. This kind of information is crucial, especially as S. Korea continues to strengthen its forces along the DMZ and put more missiles into place. This kind of rhetoric and escalation of action between the two countries is a stark contrast to years past.

President Yoon is doing for South Korea what the President of the United States should be doing for us. He is leading his people, getting them on board with the plan, and ensuring everyone is ready to go should the need arise. By ensuring the people of his country don’t waste their lives being panicked over something that likely won’t happen, he is ensuring they achieve the most successful and enjoyable lives they possibly can. This is something we have never and will never see out of Biden.

More importantly, he is sending a clear message to Kim and his sister – f*** around and find out. The people of South Korea and their leadership have no sympathy for the leadership of North Korea. While they feel for the people being trapped there, there is nothing they can do for them but eliminate the Kim regime. Once Kim attacks or pushed the rhetoric too far, it will happen, and the people of N. Korea will once again taste sweet, sweet freedom as a united Korea.