Jill Biden Tries to Promote Pride and Fails with All the Wrong Letters

mark reinstein / shutterstock.com

Jill Biden may be just as bad for the image of the White House as her husband Joe. She’s not an eloquent speaker, which is surprising considering that she’s a teacher. However, she constantly takes an issue too far and ends up making a complete disaster out of things.

The First Lady is always eager to push the liberal agenda, even when and where it’s not appropriate.

She does what she can, and she clearly doesn’t have any speech writers who are helping her – that, or they are sabotaging her on purpose.

Jill Biden, who claims to be a catholic right along with Joe, is currently pushing pride and all things that are about “living your truth.” A good Christian woman isn’t going to do such things. Why? She knows that it is a sin.

Clearly, Biden is more focused on being a good liberal.

Unfortunately, she’s not a good speaker, so she experienced an epic failure in Florida this past weekend.

Joe traveled to the West Coast while Jill traveled to the East Coast. So, instead of being a united pair of terrible speakers, they provided even more gaffes to work with.

Jill was in Florida so that she could promote Representative Val Demings (D-FL) who is running for the state seat that Marco Rubio is currently filling. She was also with Charlie Crist (D-FL) who is eager to become governor once more.

Jill keeps saying that Crist is going to win. Meanwhile, every poll shows that DeSantis is clearly going to hold onto the seat of governor. But, she’ll believe what she wants because that is the Democrat way.

The trio of liberals visited Orlando and spoke to a pride group. Everyone who pushes pride knows that “LGBTQ” is the inclusive initials given so that everyone is represented.

However, the First Lady proves that she’s not quite as with it as she’d like to think that she is. Otherwise, those letters would just slide off of her tongue.
Instead, she has a complete and utter breakdown of verbal skills that is akin to what we’re used to seeing from Joe. “LBGT” comes out, then, “LBGDQ.” Is she even trying? Does she know what the correct letters are?

It’s sad, and everyone in the pride group should be insulted. After all, how can they believe that the First Lady cares about them at all when she can’t even bother to learn the correct initials?

The crowd wasn’t that large, either. The liberal media is always very careful to keep a tight shot on the Bidens simply because they cannot generate the interest like Trump events.

It was a pretty small crowd. Luckily, more people hear about the gaffes because of social media. We’re always happy to share with you so that you get the TRUTH.
Her calling the LGBTQ crowd “LBGDQ” is just as stellar as her comparison of Latinos to breakfast tacos or her gaffe of the “bogidas” of the Bronx.

Don’t we all deserve better than what the Bidens have to offer?

Now that she’s officially insulted those within pride by not even bothering to know their initials, she may be part of the cancel culture, regardless of what party she is affiliated with. Hey, we can hope, right?