Liberals Want Segregation…and They Want Social Justice

Clare Louise Jackson /

The Democratic Party has pushed segregation and racism so much that it has become a brand that defines what they all stand for. Evidence of their beliefs is seen each time a white person attacks someone of color.

The nasty liberals push the notion so much that it does not matter if their victim has committed unspeakable crimes. They are so determined to fake segregation and racism that they are willing to fight in court to try and gain sympathy for their case.

Andre Lee Thomas is the latest so-called victim of racism. Liberals claim that he was profiled, and an all-white jury was called so that he could be convicted. They quickly forget that the man murdered his white wife and slayed his two kids before being arrested and placed on death row.

Somehow Thomas has become the victim in the case. Democrats want people to stop focusing on his crime of triple murder and look at their point that an all-white jury was selected to put the man in prison. They feel that had there been another person of color on the jury, Thomas would have gotten away with killing his family.

Thomas’ case was pushed to the Supreme Court, where they hoped that the court would at least listen to the case. Their hopes were dashed when the Supreme Court declined to hear the case.

The vote was 6-3, with Elena Kagan, Ketanji Brown Jackson, and Sonia Sotomayor voting against the majority. The sick liberals want to make every case about racism. They cannot stand to see a man of color thrown into prison for killing his family by an all-white jury.

Thomas’ representatives built their case on the point that the jury was all-white people and that three of the jury members somehow expressed that they did not agree to mixed marriage. The defense believes that Thomas’ jury was skewed because of their personal beliefs and that they could not look past his color and his marriage to see the facts.

CNN reported that Thomas supposedly was an unstable man. He had schizophrenia. After he murdered his family, he dug out his eye and tried to take his own life. His unstable mental state is not a reason to cry that he was unfairly tried.

The Democrats dig through case after case looking for anything they can use to push segregation and racism. The president and the rest of the Democrats need their followers to continue to believe that the issues exist in America so they can justify pushing social reform that promotes a socialist form of government.

Sherrilyn Ifill is a lawyer trying to get Thomas out of prison. CNN reported her as stating that “Thomas’ case undermines principles this Court has repeatedly and forcefully protected: the right to an impartial jury, and the recognition that overt racial bias in the criminal justice system must be eradicated.”

CNN also revealed that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton fired back, asking the Supreme Court not to get involved because the jurors had questioned their views of mixed marriages. All of them claimed that they could look past the marriage and look at the facts impartially.

But that will never be good enough for any liberal crying about social injustice. They are more concerned about getting a murderer released from prison than keeping the dangerous man locked away so he can never hurt another person again.

Thomas robbed two young children of their right to live and grow up. They will never experience any of the joyous things that young people and adults get to experience in life. Thomas murdered them and their mother in a rage, and now the liberals want to get him out and off of death row.

The Supreme Court did not fall for the lies that Thomas’ lawyers were spouting off. They saw that the man was rightly convicted of his crimes and put him exactly where he needed to be on death row.