Democrat Tim Ryan Seeks To Free a Million Inmates From Prison

Gorodenkoff /

For several years, it has become evident that the Democrats favor the criminal over the victim. During the pandemic days, liberal leaders tried to get inmates released from prison because they believed it would be unfair for them to be exposed to the virus while behind bars. And the list goes on and on.

Democrat Tim Ryan is probably one of the more transparent liberals running for office. He hopes to defeat J. D. Vance for a Senate seat in Ohio. His promise to the people is to make sure that one million inmates are released from prison and returned to society. He wants to flood the country with convicted criminals because he believes they have a right to be free.

The deluded liberal’s belief stems from his promise to the American Civil Liberties Union. He told the group in 2019 that if he were made president, he would see to it that they were all released. And those words would come back to haunt him as ACLU of New Hampshire Political Director Jeanne Hruska would remind him of the promise.

Hruska reminded him that he promised to reduce the number of people in prison by 50 percent. That means that of the two million inmates serving time in prison, he would have to release one million from their cells.

Ryan’s method of madness to release so many prisoners would start with changing the rules so people could justify releasing so many inmates at once. He would focus on abolishing drug laws and reducing penalties for other crimes. He would relax the law enough to let people get away with more minor crimes but hold them accountable for the bigger ones.

It should not be a surprise to anyone then that Ryan supports initiatives and law changes that are designed to free people from prison. He supports a New York law that automatically lets violent criminals out of jail. And he supports the state of Illinois’s decision to kill bail altogether. No bail would mean that murderers and other criminals would not have to post bail before being released from jail before their court hearings.

Breitbart reported Ryan claiming, “The bail system is inherently unfair, so I would be for eliminating it.”

The Illinois law that Ryan supports essentially frees people convicted of heinous crimes such as murder, kidnapping, and many others. For some strange reason, Ryan and his political affiliates believe it is unfair for a person to be held behind bars. But they fail to understand that it is aggressively wrong for the victims to be ignored.

Governor J.B Pritzker is the Illinois leader seeking to do away with the bail bonds system. He maintains that the new law will not release violent offenders. But the reality of what he is claiming is wishful thinking at best. Breitbart has also reported that the news is already getting out regarding the attempt to abolish the bail bond system.

Pritzker stated, “One thing I think is reasonable is there are people who do not understand the SAFE-T Act and are misrepresenting it. So making changes to the language is such, so that people will understand.”

The people do not understand why the governor thinks a new law will be a good idea. Democratic-controlled areas have tried and failed at working with violent criminals. They cannot keep committing violent crimes when let out free in public.

Breitbart revealed that in Winnebago County, Illinois alone, 400 criminals would find their freedom. And in Will County, Illinois, 640 inmates will be released, and 60 are accused of killing people.

To keep them locked up, the prosecutors must prove they are a threat to the general public. But that is usually impossible because the investigation has not yet been completed.

Tim Ryan and the liberals do not want to be revealed because those released in such a system go out and immediately commit other acts of violent crimes. And they go through the revolving door of jail and society, crime after crime. And who pays the price? Innocent Americans like you and me.