Whitmer Lies and Makes Claim That Small Businesses Will Be Protected

Andrew Boydston / shutterstock.com

Residents of Michigan are sick to their stomachs because of Governor Gretchen Whitmer. For the past several years, she has turned her back on the people and small businesses struggling to make a living under her leadership. And now that midterms are coming up fast, she has changed her tune from being anti-business to pro-business hoping people will forget her atrocious past.

The progressive governor took to social media to voice her support for small businesses and the economy. Her mouthy support flies in the face of her actions that shut down the state during the pandemic and beyond.

The Daily Wire reported that she tweeted, “Supporting Michigan’s small businesses means supporting the vitality of our local communities. The data shows that small businesses are at the forefront of driving innovation, jobs, and economic growth in our state, and I’m committed to getting them the support they need.”
The insanity of the way Whitmer thinks is comical. She thinks people will forget about the terror she brought them during the pandemic.

Local business owners Eric and Diane Schindlbeck opened their restaurant before the pandemic. Their dream of owning a restaurant seemed to be destroyed by the COVID-19 outbreak, but it would survive until Whitmer forced another viral lockdown. Trying to keep it open overwhelmed them, and they lost it all.

The couple believes Whitmer took their business from them because she was power-hungry. The governor kept changing the rules on how people could walk outside in public, which proved confusing for most people.

The state would suffer through pandemic closures on more than one occasion. The progressive governor would shut down all public venues and small businesses in the service industry, thinking it would keep a virus from spreading. She even ordered that restaurants could serve a minimal number of people. People were forced to stay outdoors and eat because the ignorant governor thought a closed space was virus central.

The Daily Wire reported that “Schindlebeck and her husband bought the property in February 2021 and recently opened Schindy’s, a new restaurant and general store they hope will give them another shot at their dream. However, an economy trying to come back after the lockdowns and reeling from a supply chain crisis has made life difficult for small business owners.

Schindlebeck criticized Whitmer’s tweet and questioned how the governor backed up her words with action.

Whitmer’s actions tell a different story. Her words do not reflect what is on her mind. She is more interested in forcing people to do unnatural things than supporting small businesses and making the state a place where those businesses can grow and thrive.

There is no doubt that Michigan had some of the worst regulations during the pandemic over any other state in the union. It would take a year and a half for her restrictions to finally be lifted. But by the time they had removed, the damage to the economy had already taken its toll on people. And now she wants to act like she fully supports the Michigan economy.

Karla Wagner is a small business owner in Michigan. She challenged Whitmer’s claim by pointing out that the governor could have helped business owners in several ways over the past two years. But as each opportunity presented itself, she would turn away and act like nothing was wrong.

Wagner and her business made it through the pandemic and the Whitmer power play. But her American dream is struggling to grow. The limited hours and now faltering workforce given to her by President Joe Biden are making things even harder. The road to recovery will only occur once the Democrats are removed from office.

The state cannot survive Governor Whitmer and her liberal staff another four years. She must be removed, and a people-loving Republican put in her place. Only then will the state of Michigan be returned to the prosperous state it once was before the liberals moved into power and destroyed it all.