Biden Embraces the Dark Side As His Ad Celebrates Debt Cancellation

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President Joe Biden is spending money faster than ever before. And the way he is spending the money is self-indulgent at best.

A Biden-supporting lobbying group called Building Back Together loves to support their president. The group announced pridefully that Biden would waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on a commercial that showcases the president canceling student debt.

The president’s administration had reported that those earning less than $125,000 a year would have $10,000 of their debt canceled. And those that qualified for a Pell Grant would see $20,000 of their student loans erased from existence.

Danielle Melfi is the Executive Director of the Build Back Together group. The Daily Wire reported that she said, “Millions of Americans making less than $125,000 a year will be able to get much-needed relief through this simple online form, which takes less than five minutes to fill out. This is a game changer for so many young Americans, who will now have more money in their pockets to start a family, open a business, or buy a house. This campaign celebrates this win for working families and thanks the president for his commitment to getting it done.”

The president could not just sit back and let people peacefully enjoy their debt cancelation. He had to star in his advertisement bragging about he was the one who made it all happen. In his mind, he sees people flocking to the streets and bowing to his greatness. But in reality, people will change the channel because they are tired of the soap opera president lying to their faces.

Biden’s promotional video also tries to showcase him differently. The liberals took the “Let’s Go, Brandon” statement and transformed it into a Dark Brandon meme. They are attempting to make people think good ole Joe Biden is challenging and has good old American grit to him.

The last thing people want stuck in their heads is an image of a gritty Biden. In his video, his staff instructs people to go and apply for their debt cancelation. They brag that it only takes five minutes to complete. The message that they are sending is that gritty Biden makes life easy. Except that he has spent two years making life challenging for people.

The Daily Wire reported that “Building Back America is staffed by a number of Democratic operatives and campaign veterans, according to a fact sheet from Influence Watch. The group looks like it is a separate entity from the president, but his people are the ones that set it all up. Although the White House claimed that the group works separately from the administration, reports suggest that officials helped determine structure and staffing.”

The debt cancellation program was Biden’s way of helping House Democrats secure votes ahead of the midterm election. It was his way of paying people off for voting for his party.

The notion that canceling a few debts will make life better is nothing but a farce. The underlying cause of massive debt amounts is ever rising cost of education. Famous educational center has learned that they charge insane amounts of money for an education that most students will never use in their lifetime. But at least they get their money.

Those struggling with debt know that the only way to be free from the burden is to pay them off and get out from underneath the people who want to loan money. But Biden has made paying off debt next to impossible because people are paying higher prices for gas and consumables.

The debt cancellation program is another mechanism that will cause inflation to rise. People who borrowed in good faith may like the program, but it is making their neighbors pay higher prices because the money used for the loans is never returned.

People are also told they no longer have to honor their word and repay their loans. The Democrats are sending the message that people can stiff others out of their money because Grandpa Biden will somehow cover their expenses.