Country Music Fans Show Why Charlie Crist Won’t Be Governor of Florida

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If you listen to Democrats like Joe and Jill Biden, Charlie Crist is going to be the next governor of Florida. That would mean that the Republican-turned-Democrat would have to beat out Ron DeSantis.

While the liberals have done a great job of trying to attack DeSantis, first with his wife who was undergoing cancer treatment, and, then again, with their lies of the “Don’t Say Gay” campaign, DeSantis continues to come out on top.

The Republican governor has proven that he knows how to deliver freedom. He allowed people to live their lives during the COVID pandemic. He’s allowed people to keep operating their businesses. And he’s kept as many illegal aliens out of the state as possible. And he’s even made sure that the transgender propaganda has stayed out of elementary schools.

And now, country music fans have proven why Crist doesn’t stand a chance at winning the election.

Country Thunder is a huge music event that took place in Kissimmee, Florida this past weekend. It featured such artists as Jason Aldean, Tracy Lawrence, Morgan Wallen, Chris Young, and Chase Rice.

Over 20,000 country music fans were in attendance. And then, one special guest showed up – Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. He walked onto the stage after a performance from Lawrence and the crowd went wild.

As the announcer talked about the man who was responsible for keeping Florida free, they asked everyone to welcome to the stage the honorable governor… and the crowd erupted in cheers. Everyone was excited, grabbed their cameras, and began cheering. You didn’t hear a single “boo.” People were thrilled to see the governor – and that just shows how much support the man really has.

DeSantis came out and said hello to everyone at Country Thunder. He got even more cheers when he asked people if they were glad to be living in the “free state” of Florida. And he also thanked first responders who were part of cleaning up the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Depending on the poll, DeSantis is leading the polls by an average of 10 percent. It seems impossible that Crist could suddenly push through and take the lead – that is unless the Democrats decide to play dirty with the elections.

DeSantis and Crist debated on Monday, which was their one and only debate that will take place before the election.

It was clear that Crist had nothing to lose when he took the stage. Not only is he down in the polls but it’s also reported that he’s almost out of campaign money. Crist tried to put DeSantis on the defensive on more than one occasion.

CNN reported that DeSantis was less at ease than in the past but still did well. “It was a conventional performance of a front-runner – and with a comfortable lead and almost $100 million left in the bank, DeSantis is certainly that, albeit one who has risen up the GOP’s presidential power rankings by bucking conventional wisdom.”

Crist attempted to hit DeSantis where it hurt – by calling for the governor to commit to a four-year term. DeSantis was unable to do that for the simple reason that many know that DeSantis plans to run for president in 2024.

Do the people of Florida care about such things? Probably not. They’ll take DeSantis for as long as they can, especially if it means that he could replace Biden as president at some point.

We’ll find out if country music fans are enough to create enough of a lead so that Crist can’t possibly win.
In the words of DeSantis, “The only worn-out old donkey I’m looking to put out to pasture is Charlie Crist.”