Democratic Candidate Arrested After Making Threats

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The Democrats have always been known to take a different approach to campaigning. And then, when their approach doesn’t pay off, they yell and scream about a “stolen” election.

A Democratic candidate in Arkansas took her campaign too far – and she’s been arrested.

Let’s go ahead and remove her name from the ballot, shall we? The last thing we need is to elect a criminal.

Diamond Arnold-Johnson has been running to be the state auditor of Arkansas. However, when she was conducting a Facebook Live stream this past Friday, she was arrested.

It all starts with her husband Arick Johnson, who has been on trial for some unidentified Facebook messages attributed to him that, as The Blaze reported, are for “terroristic threatening.” During the trial, Diamond came forward to say that she made the threats – leading to his acquittal.

She now has an outstanding warrant for a Class D felony for first-degree terroristic threatening.

The admission that she made during the courtroom trial led to a deeper investigation into the threats that she made. Police obtained a warrant and attempted to serve her with that warrant on October 31. Apparently, however, Arnold-Johnson refused.

Officers decided that they didn’t want to escalate a non-violent situation. Officers of the Little Rock Police Department chose to serve her again on Friday. That’s when the Democrat locked herself in the bathroom briefly to avoid the police. Finally, she opened the door and decided that it was best to cooperate with the officers.

Democratic politicians are always trying to push the envelope too far to see what they could get away with. Terroristic threats were too far, as Diamond Arnold-Johnson found out. And the Democratic Party of Arkansas is already racing to distance itself. And some have asked her to step away from the race as it’s obvious that someone with an active felony warrant shouldn’t be involved in the finances of the state.

Republican candidate Dennis Milligan made it clear what he thinks about the whole situation: “Anyone who has an active felony warrant for their arrest should not be running for office or handling the state’s very important financial business. Rather, their time and energy would benefit more from focusing on their’s (sic) and their spouse’s legal morals.”

Many throughout the state are now hoping that voters do their research to prevent Arnold-Johnson from being elected. While she is capable of running with accusations of a felony, an actual felony conviction would bar her from holding office.

And when you look at her past, she had no business running, to begin with. In 2014. She pled guilty to a misdemeanor involving endangering the welfare of a minor and carrying a weapon.

She’s clearly a danger to society.

Arnold-Johnson isn’t the only Democrat trying to push too far. Just this weekend, Beto O’Rourke was warned because of placing a PA too close to the polling centers. The rule is that there has to be a specific distance between the campaign and the polling place. Beto knew what he was doing, and he was willing to push it. He only got a slap on the wrist, but who cares? He accomplished what he wanted to do.

If only every Democrat playing dirty would get arrested, we could finally clean up the country. It’s hard to run on integrity when there are literally cheaters in every race.