School District Hires Anti-Police Board of Director, Angering Parents

Fiora Watts /

School districts should always have the same priority – provide a quality education and focus on ways to ensure that children are safe going to school and while on campus. For the latter, having a good relationship with the police is important.

Consider what you see at nearly every school if you drop your kids off – a police car and an officer. That officer is monitoring the school grounds to ensure that there are no threats. And if a threat is detected, he or she is prepared to call for backup so that no one causes harm to the teachers or children inside of the building.

Now, imagine if your school district hired a board of directors that is known to be anti-police. That individual likely wouldn’t be too keen on having a police officer at the school because they don’t see the value in what the police have to offer. And your child’s school would likely be a little less safe because of not having an officer in place.

One school district has decided to go with someone who is anti-police – and parents are in an uproar about it all.

Washington’s Olympia School District has proven that they care more about promoting the progressive agenda than keeping children safe. The board unanimously voted to appoint Talauna Reed as a board director on October 27.

Reed has a history of making anti-police statements and has a criminal record.

It wasn’t long after being appointed to the board that the truth about her began to surface – including a video where she was rioting outside of the state Capitol, yelling “F*** the police” and calling police “pigs.”

In the video, she said that “It amazes me how those pigs can sit over there to watch us peacefully … talk about what we want changed in this. And they don’t pay attention until we tear s**t up. So, before I get started, tear everything up in this f***ing city until they do what we want them to do.”

That sounds a whole lot like inciting violence, doesn’t it? And it’s so odd because according to the liberals, only those on the far RIGHT are the ones who incite violence.

It’s proof that the liberals have a completely different set of rules for when one of their own does it.

And now, this is a person who is sitting on the board of directors for a school board – making decisions about how schools are kept safe.

Alesha Perkins is a concerned parent who recently spoke to Todd Piro on “Fox & Friends First,” calling the appointment of Reed to the school board “completely baffling.” She went on to point out that the criminal record should have immediately excluded the woman from holding such a position. “I think the larger issue here, Ms. Reed aside, is that we clearly have a school board that was bound and determined to place her in this position, proving themselves incapable of making reasonable decisions.”

Perkins has a point. And Daily Mail has reported that Reed has criminal charges that include not only assault and theft but also embezzlement, driving on a suspended license, and domestic violence.

The woman has no right to be anywhere near a school let alone sit on a school district’s board of directors.

Every parent in the Olympia school district should be concerned. And despite receiving countless calls, the board continues to support their appointment.

It shows just how far things have gone – and it may be our kids that pay the ultimate price.