Hillary Should Be on the GOP Payroll

lev radin / shutterstock.com

Hillary Clinton is proving once again that she is one of the world’s worst political campaigners ever to run for office. Even though she is not running right now, she is still causing problems for those who are.

After all the campaigns she has been a part of, she still just doesn’t get it, and neither does her Party. They put her out there and she ends up helping the GOP.

Just this week, Clinton insulted American voters once again. She told Joy Reid of MSNBC that the reason American voters might be running to Republicans in this election is that voters just don’t “understand” the “threat” posed by the GOP Party.

“I think that with all of the noise that we’ve gotten in this election season, I don’t think that people are really able to grasp that. But more importantly, I’m not sure they really understand the threats to their way of life,” Clinton said.

Hillary went on to falsely claim the GOP planned to take people’s Social Security and Medicare. This tired and worn-out lie has been told by Democrats for decades. The Republicans in positions of leadership have said this is just not true and the Washington Post has given this lie a bunch of Pinocchios. It doesn’t matter, people like Clinton still push this lie.

It’s hard to imagine how Hillary can believe that telling voters they are ignorant and can’t understand is a way to win people’s votes. She’s repeating her “deplorable” theme, except now it is 2.0. Is it any wonder that people are coming in masses over to the GOP?

As Hillary continued, she did not talk about the issues that matter to voters, she just kept hammering away at demonizing the GOP. She called them names and said they used “violent rhetoric.” And she said that they were responsible for the attack on Paul Pelosi. Voters are just turned off by such nonsense.

Clinton gave this long-winded rant, “There’s always been a streak of violence, of racism, misogyny, antisemitism, as you have said. …We’re seeing a whole political party and those who support it, those who enable it, those who run under its banner engaging in behavior that is so dangerous and I find, frankly, disqualifying for people who are running for office. I just want your viewers, and, really, I would like every American just to stop and think about that. This is the kind of violent rhetoric that leads to violent action that props up authoritarians. And that’s, unfortunately, what we see the Republican Party today supporting.”

There is not a single Republican official who would support the attack on Paul Pelosi. Clinton is blaming an entire party for the evil actions of a mentally deranged individual. And the irony of it all is that she doesn’t even see an issue with her irresponsible rhetoric as she demonizes hundreds of thousands of people. Where will the same outrage be when Republicans are attacked because of the rhetoric coming from people like her and Joe Biden?

Remember the teen who was run over and killed allegedly by a man who falsely thought the victim was a “Republican extremist?” That tragedy came shortly after the president spoke angrily about “Republican extremists,” just as Clinton is doing right now.

The president didn’t learn anything because, just this week, he gave another speech and attacked the “election deniers.” This echoes Hillary’s recent claim that Republicans will steal the 2024 presidential race. She never gets too far away from her “vast right-wing conspiracy” narrative.

The silver lining in all of this is that Republicans seem to gain from her divisive talk. The Democrats may be going down in flames in their campaigns, white suburban women are running to the right, and it probably correlates to words coming from Hillary.